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While you may think getting behind the wheel of your vehicle and driving is your right, the fact is it is a privilege that can be taken away from you under certain circumstances. Since driving to work and other destinations is so important to your life, it is crucial to do all you can to make sure you don’t permanently lose your driver’s license. If you think this can’t happen, think again. To make sure you don’t face this situation, here are eight ways you can avoid losing your license.

Pay Your Child Support

If you are divorced and have been ordered by a court to make monthly child support payments, always strive to meet your legal obligation. Should you fail to do so and are brought into court by your ex-spouse, the judge could decide to revoke your license permanently, especially if you owe thousands of dollars and fail to show any remorse for your actions.

Don’t Get a DUI

Needless to say, you should never get behind the wheel of your vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, should you do so and be involved in a catastrophic accident that results in fatalities, don’t be surprised if the court decides to make sure you will never again have a license to drive.

Hit and Run Accident

If you are involved in an accident and fail to stop at the scene, you have committed a hit and run accident. Once police catch you, expect to be arrested and taken to jail. Once you go to court, large fines, jail time, and likely the loss of your license will be part of your sentence.

Don’t be a Habitual Offender

Whether it is from having multiple DUI offenses or committing other illegal acts while behind the wheel of your vehicle, it is possible that at some point the court could classify you as a habitual offender. Should this happen, expect to lose your driving privileges for the rest of your life.

Always Have Car Insurance

When you are driving your vehicle, you are generally required to carry auto insurance in case you have an accident. If you ignore this law and find yourself involved in an accident as a driver who does not have auto insurance, you could possibly face the permanent loss of your driver’s license. In most cases, this can result if you were involved in a serious accident that led to major injuries or deaths. When facing such a situation, always hire experienced traffic offence lawyers to represent you in court.

Follow the Rules of the Road

While this sounds simple, taking a very common-sense approach to driving will often ensure you get to keep your driver’s license for decades. By driving at or below posted speed limits, being sober when behind the wheel, and having respect for your fellow drivers, you can follow the rules of the road and always have your driver’s license in your pocket.

Don’t Make Terrorist Threats

If you do anything that begins to resemble a terrorist threat, such as making bomb threats at a school or business, the court will most definitely take away your driver’s license for a very long time, and likely permanently. Of course, this may not matter much to you, since you’ll probably be spending the years that follow inside a prison cell.

Don’t Accumulate Driving Record Points

Last but certainly not least, make sure your driving record does not continue to build up more and more points over the course of time. While in a game getting more points is usually a good thing, it is the exact opposite when it comes to your driving record. Whenever you commit a driving infraction and are ticketed, such as for speeding, DUI, or other violations, points are assigned to these violations and placed on your driving record. Should you accumulate enough points within a period of one to three years, you could possibly lose your license permanently.

Now that you know the many ways you can avoid permanently losing your driver’s license, make sure you stay sober behind the wheel, obey speed limits, make child support payments, and take other necessary steps to stay licensed.

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