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You have not yet tied the proverbial knot, but you have the string in hand. More importantly, you and your betrothed have decided. You will, indeed, tie the knot. Obviously, it is time to celebrate, but the celebration to be had is the longstanding, time-honored, and much-written-about bucks party. As the saying goes, before you tie the knot, you should tie one on.

  1. Such a cheeky buck

Okay, the bucks might not be cheeky, but the ladies are. Before you exchange your vows, you need to enjoy dining and BBQ with bikini-clad servers who have taken their own vows to remain tan and scantily clothed.

Aboard your private vessel, you will enjoy two hours of the most tender meats and fiery sauces. Swimming is optional, but the sights are so hot, you will need to cool off in one way or another.

  1. Hardwood

You and the other bucks can toss back a few stiff ones and hurl axes at targets, proving who is the mightiest among you. As you engage in the most primal of dude extravaganza, you will be served by topless maidens vowed to serve wine, cider, and house brew. For the food, you will enjoy calamari, chicken, and beef skewers. Regardless of who wins in the ax-tossing contests, nobody loses as you are always heaped with smiles and shapely bodies.

  1. Topless and lucky

How lucky you are can be determined with a roll of the dice or the play of an ace. For you bucks wanting to gamble, you need to be a high roller. As you test fortune, you will be able to play your cards to raging beats of music and dine on beef skewers, popcorn chicken, and iced drinks. You and the other bucks will have full command of games spread out across three floors. All the while, you will be attended by topless servers catering to your appetites and dedicated to quenching your thirst.

If you like the most skimpy of attire and if you enjoy more than a few buxom breasts, lady luck will favor you and all the bucks with this favorite nights-out package.

  1. Paintball

As you and the bucks are painting the town, you can strategize the colorful demise of your friends over a high-adrenaline round or two of paintball. This is a favorite on the Gold Coast, and each of you dude sharpshooters will enjoy five tastings of gold rum along with a bucket of beer and wings. Wings, of course, are just the appetizer. For dinner, you will enjoy BBQ chicken as well as bacon pizza strips. Yes, you read that right. This bucks party unites paintball and bacon, the two most dizzying and tantalizing main courses of any dude party night. To select this party, just look for all things awesome.

  1. No angels allowed

Sinful delights await all the bad bucks who must have died and gone to heaven. That is correct. Your ultimate badness is welcome here for an eternity of private ladies dedicated to serving you throughout an entire weekend. Again, you read that right. You will enjoy a weekend of food, fun, and drinks.

During that weekend of debauchery, you will enjoy the following.

– sexy bath show

– fully nude show complete with some of her favorite toys

– VIP entry into a strip club

– beer welcoming you upon entrance

– topless women at the beach pad

– gobs of dude food

  1. All aboard

Another weekend party takes place aboard your private yacht. This yacht package offers stunning sights of the ocean and of topless delights at your private beck and call. Between dining on dude food, you will enjoy drinks and XXX strip shows. Because you will be pampered like never before, you will think you have died and gone to the millionaire’s club where bare babes and food abound.

  1. What more could you want?

This is not a question. This is one of the best packages for bucks wanting to throw back some suds and revel in topless waitresses while gorging on dude food. It is basic and primal, and you and your bucks will love it. Food, alcohol, and ladies are waiting. All you have to do is book the package.

  1. Hole in one

When it comes to the green, you will be able to engage in friendly, lustful competition as you cross the course with lady caddies clad in tight clothes that make for a lot of top and bottom cleavage. It does not matter how horrible you are at golf because you will feel great later that night over food, drinks, and cards as you are pampered by topless dealers paying special attention to the buck of the night. For two hours, you can play poker, down food and drinks, and enjoy the show of more than a few friendly, topless smiles.

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