It first starts with an interest, and then it becomes an obsession. Cars are that one thing that many people tend to be very fascinated about from a young age, and most have that one spectacular car that they’ve grown up dreaming about. With that said, not everyone is familiar with cars, their parts, maintenance, and the likes.

Getting yourself started on learning about cars is now made easy with the Internet; there is plenty of reliable information right at your disposal. Just like how you can easily search up different affordable car insurance options when you are looking to stay protected as a driver. The following is a list of nine ways that you can get to know more about cars, and fuel your enthusiasm.

Watch Top Gear, a British TV Series

Start your car learning journey on an exciting note by searching up the previously well-known British television series, Top Gear, which can be accessed on Netflix. In the television series which began in 2002, the show’s hosts review the newest car models to the oldest vintage car models and tackle intense motoring related challenges like exhilarating motor races, as well as timed laps of noteworthy car models. Apart from being absolutely entertaining and giving you a lot of laughter, Top Gear is the perfect show for car enthusiasts to get to know more about cars.

Watch TV Programmes that Focus on Car Repair and Modifications

Television program Wheeler Dealers is one notable series that comes right to mind when it comes to this! The show focuses on bringing out old and worn enthusiast vehicles and giving them a new lease of life through repair and enhancements, but under a specified budget. The newly modified vehicle is then sold to a new owner. This program seeks to appeal to all car enthusiasts who are interested to find out more about the various car mechanics and problems that can arise from wear and tear of the motor parts. If you’ve always been interested in DIY, then you’ll find Wheeler Dealers to be very educational, especially if you’re better with visual learning.

Follow Forums to Learn From Fellow Car Enthusiasts

You’re likely to find various discussion forums buzzing about your favorite car model on the Internet, especially if it’s from a renowned brand. Such platforms are where fellow car lovers gather to engage in discussions about the car. The more knowledgeable car owners will also be more than glad to go into the details in answering any queries about that car, as well as the information on maintenance or any modifications that they’ve added to their own vehicles. You can definitely spend hours browsing through the forum, or ask any unanswered questions yourself.

Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are a treasure house of knowledge. Head to the automotive section in your local public library, there’s bound to be plenty of books that you can dive into to read up all about cars. Books like Haynes and Chilton manuals can be rather dry but can come into much use once you have a stronger grasp on the mechanics, and are in the works of handling car parts. If you prefer to read online, use your library to access online resources like ChiltonLibrary, which has the most updated information on a wide variety of cars.


Youtube is the one-stop platform that offers all the video resources that will help you answer all your burning queries. Most videos have concise and clear instructions on a specific topic, such as a step-by-step tutorial on the replacement of a certain car part. You can also get more information from reading through the comments and communicating with other car enthusiasts, and subscribe to relevant channels so that you can keep up to date with their informative videos.

Join Local Car Meetups and Socialize

Car meetups bring car enthusiasts from around your area altogether and are great events for socializing and learning. While there are car owner clubs that are typically brand-specific, there are also general car meet-ups where anyone and everyone with a passion for cars can attend. Many car meetup frequenters will tend to be more than willing to share their depth of knowledge, so attending such events can really be a golden opportunity for you to ask and learn greatly. The best part of car meetups is the presence of the cars themselves, where you can get hands-on and view the cars in their full glory.

Attend Classes

If you’re really keen to build up your knowledge of cars, then you should most definitely check out the automotive maintenance courses that your community colleges are likely to offer. These lessons are a brilliant way for you to get hands-on, and learn by example in actual view. It’s also not the best idea for beginners to shell out money to obtain the necessary DIY and repairing tools, where these institutes will give you the opportunity to have access to those costly tools.

Consider Purchasing A Cheap Beater Vehicle that You Can Experiment On

If you want to put your learning into practice and are willing to spare some cash on it, then you should consider getting a beater vehicle that has a reasonably fixable engine issue. Having a specific issue diagnosed enables you to remain focused on your task at hand. You can also buy affordable car parts online or use car junk yards to reduce overheads. Having a reliable peer with you to guide you through the process would be of even greater help; two heads are better than one after all!

Source the Service Manual for Your Car

You can obtain the service manual for your vehicle from a local dealer, or find a used copy of it from the trusty Internet for a few dollars at most. When the time comes for your car to undergo regular maintenance such as an oil change, you can source for the procedure guide in the service manual, and attempt to do it yourself. The best way to learn is to get hands-on after all.


The journey to learning all about cars may be a bumpy one, but if you have already fallen in love with a particular car type and model, then it won’t seem like much effort for you to dig deep into researching it!