If you’re trying to figure out the best place for your next gambling vacation, then Atlantic City and Las Vegas are no doubt on your list. Even if you’re willing to travel outside the United States, these are two of the biggest names in casinos and gambling and offer amazing opportunities for anyone passionate about this pastime and industry.

Though located in two very different parts of the United States, and with very different environments, anyone who visits can expect a luxurious experience, great opportunities to enjoy classic casino games and amazing hotel resorts that make your stay as relaxing or exciting as you like them to be!

Historic Ties to Casinos and Gambling

Atlantic City hasn’t always been a hotspot for casinos and netticasinos. In fact, gambling was only legalized in the state of New Jersey after a referendum vote in 1974, with casinos being approved two years later. The referendum decision meant that casinos could only originally be built in Atlantic City, and at the time, Nevada was the only other state in America with legal casinos. So, Atlantic City quickly grew as the alternative to Las Vegas and, to this day, remains one of the best places to gamble in the United States.

Vegas, however, has a much longer history. Gambling was introduced to the region in the late 1800s, driven largely by the wealth of those involved in the California gold rush. It was in 1931, however, that Las Vegas really began to grow, and in the 1970s, hotel-casinos and resorts were established that made it the huge phenomenon it is today.

Where Are You Coming From?

One key consideration when you’re thinking about your next gambling adventure is the distance between your home and your destination. While most people are happy to travel if the vacation is going to be amazing, there’s no reason to go further than necessary!

Las Vegas is located in Nevada, on the Western side of the United States, just one state over from the coastal state of California. If you’re traveling from Western states like Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona or Idaho, then Las Vegas is certainly the best option for you. Atlantic City, however, is located on the Eastern coast of the United States and is surrounded by much smaller states than Arizona. If you’re traveling from the East coast, or perhaps even from Europe, Atlantic City is much more reachable for most people.

Your decision ultimately comes down to whether you believe Atlantic City and Las Vegas are on par with one another when it comes to casinos and hotel resorts!

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Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to hotels and resorts, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have lots to offer. In terms of fame, however, Las Vegas probably wins this one. The famous Las Vegas Strip is home to recreations of the Eiffel Tower, grand water fountains, and even a giant Statue of Liberty, all of which belong to casino hotels and resorts. In total, there are more than 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas – meaning you’ll have a lot of choices and will never go without a place to stay.

That isn’t to say Atlantic City doesn’t have a lot to offer. The largest hotel on offer features 2,4000 rooms and is spread out across four towers – with the Havana Tower being the most recent and modern.


With regards to the number of casinos available, Vegas wins this one again – though that isn’t necessarily an indicator of how good a time visitors have. Las Vegas is home to more than 130 different casinos, all of different sizes and quality. The MGM Grand and New York New York are classic casinos most tourists will want to visit, but there are plenty of smaller casinos that aren’t so different from what you might expect in any other city.

Atlantic City has some amazing casinos on offer, too. The Hard Rock Hotel Casino and Ocean Casino Resort are two popular options that are often compared to the MGM Grand. There’s also the Tropicana Atlantic City, a casino and resort that is right next to the beach.

Weigh up these three considerations, and you’ll know the place to visit. If beaches are important to you, Atlantic City wins hands down. For more casinos and resorts, Las Vegas wins.