Instagram, the image-sharing platform, has a massive user base with over a billion active monthly users. This has made Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms. This means that now this platform can’t be ignored by any brand or marketer.

Instagram recognizes this and is building features that continue to improve the experience of users trying to build a business on Instagram. To gain more followers and likes on Instagram you should know how to buy Instagram followers and get real engagement. InternetMarketingRocks is known to provide the best marketing solutions.

Here is a list of Instagram Features available to us in 2020.


Instagram’s photo filters are what made the platform popular in the first place. Filters have the ability to turn a normal looking photo to a professional photographer’s clicked photo. Different filters create different looks, and you can choose among them and decide what looks best on your brand.

Apart from photo filters, Instagram also has Face Filters. It uses your image from the camera and overlays it with different filters as you choose.

Video Posts

Instagram Videos that convey your brand message or introduces your company culture to your audience are a great way to build trust with your followers. Since Instagram now allows video posts of up to 1 minute, businesses can make high-quality videos to share more in-depth content that can’t be shared through images or stories. Make the first few seconds of the video interesting so the user doesn’t click away.

Instagram Stories

The addition of Stories was a huge success for Instagram. Businesses use this tool to increase engagement with the customers without having to do a lot of input in creating a creative post. Stories appear as little circles at the top of your feed. They disappear after 24 hours.

Stories Highlights

Stories are a great feature, but they disappear after 24 hours and users want to save some of their best stories for later use. So, Instagram created the Stories Highlight feature which allows you to save your best stories as long as you want. All story highlights are shown in your profile and are visible to anyone who comes to visit.

Instagram Stories Video

Instagram Stories can also have videos in them. Although a single clip can only last for 15 seconds, you can post a series of video clips to convey your message. You can use it for fun or marketing purposes.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a part of the Stories feature. Instagram Live broadcasts video live to your followers and users can interact on it by posting messages. Live video is stored after its over and is also removed after 24 hours. You can schedule live video with your followers beforehand, so they don’t miss it.


IGTV removes the limit of posting1-minute videos on your profile. Now you can post videos of larger durations. You have to create an IGTV Channel before posting IGTV videos. Instagram also provides detailed analytics about how a video performed so you can decide how to improve your strategy.


One of the most popular things used on Instagram Stories is Stickers. Stickers can be emoji sliders, GIFs, polls, etc. These add new fun ways of interacting with your followers. You can also use Location Stickers or Hashtag Stickers for telling more about the post. Other stickers include Countdown Sticker, Question Sticker.

There are a lot of other features available on Instagram and using a variety of them will be a great marketing strategy for your business.