Education is in trend. All sorts of educational applications today occupy the first lines in the App Store and Google Play and are in demand by hundreds of thousands of users. Why? The crazy rhythm of modern life dictates its laws, and often the only free time that we have is while we are in transport or driving a car, and the most accessible way to get some information is a smartphone.

Many people try not to give up and dedicate every minute to self-development, respectively, their choice is learning through a mobile application. Educational applications are services that help users of different ages and with different levels of training to study certain disciplines. And if you decide to create one of these applications, then you need to be prepared to face the difficulties of promotion. Of course, if you want to succeed and have good results.

And so, the work of creating an application begins with an idea. To begin, think about who you want to make the application for. These can be kids who absorb information best in the form of games, teachers who need special products to teach lessons, make plans, and keep track of time, students who have a lot of requirements for educational applications, or just people who want to learn a foreign language. In other words, you have to come up with a specific problem and a solution to it. Even better, if there are problems that you face personally.

Solving your own problems motivates you to work even harder.

It is very important to assemble the right team. There are three key roles in a project: someone who understands how to create a product, has a problem and wants to find a solution; the one who is responsible for the technology and can make the idea work on the screen of the device; and one who will engage users.

After understanding what users expect from the application, you should start the process of prototyping. A well-built interface is a guarantee that the user will quickly find out how the application will help solve his problem or provide knowledge in a particular area. Here we should think about interesting content, beautiful and attractive images, word of the product without bugs, and other problems.

There are still many things that you have to take care about at all stages of the app creation. But there is one more important issue left. Marketing of your application. You should think of marketing of your product even on the stage of an idea. You need to understand how you can reach your target audience and make them install your application.

1. Creating an application site with comprehensive information about the services it provides is the first step. Users appreciate the simplicity of the navigation system, the ease of design, and the availability of search forms. If you want to attract many visitors, your website should contain unique thematic content and a developed backlink profile.

To maintain the achieved results, a strategic plan is drawn up to further expand the audience and increase advertising efficiency. For this purpose, constant monitoring is carried out with the analysis of the behavioral factor of visitors to the resource, new keywords and phrases are created, based on changing customer expectations, taking into account current requests and communication characteristics.

According to ComboApp higher education marketing agency, SEO for apps is a time-consuming process that includes collecting relevant keywords you want your website to rank in search engines, developing SEO-optimized content, strengthening your website’s domain authority, etc.

2. Marketing of educational applications can be carried out through social networks. Social media offers quick feedback and a wide range of online service promotion tools. You need to create a page, profile, and group of your application, where interesting content will be published to constantly attract new subscribers. The more capacious, informative, and catchy the text, images, and infographics are, the stronger the motivation to get acquainted with the educational product offering certain knowledge will be.

Promotion of educational services on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms is not cheap, but it has a number of unconditional advantages, offering targeting by interests and geolocation based on likes, shares, and published comments. All advertising messages from various social networks should lead to the official page of your app. You may think that marketing through social media is the easiest way of promotion, but that’s not the truth. Here you should work as hard as in any other field. Otherwise, you lose the interest of existing customers and will not get new users.

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3. Another proven strategy to achieve a wide range of new users is to market your application in blogs. One more advantage is that you can market your app in an unobtrusive method. For example, if your app is for learning foreign languages, post an article in your blog, like you are a parent and what you had to face until you find the best language learning application for your child at school. You can also target potential users through third-party blogs, where they discuss topics you are interested in.

4. Who doesn’t like to get something for free every now and then. You can get more potential users by suggesting special discounts. For example, start the advertisement which informs your audience about the discount which will be available on the first day of the release of the app. If you do everything properly, this strategy will definitely increase the number of reviews and downloads.

5. Reach out to YouTube reviewers in your niche. No matter which educational application you have, there is a chance to be featured in the “best educational apps” list if you find bloggers and reviewers who compile such lists. Create a pitch that explains your product’s competitive advantages and value it can give to its users, and offer discounts to the blogger’s audience to get his interest. The more bloggers you find, the more chances are you find those you will be interested in testing your application and promoting it.