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Casinos have always been a place where any player could find something to suit their taste. With so many games in their offer, it’s no wonder that they became so popular. So, when casinos migrated online, their offer only expanded further. Of course, this made some old favorite brick-and-mortar games widely accessible.

While there is a wide variety of games out there, the top three most popular ones are definitely Tetris, craps, and slot games. Even though very different in style, these three games rallied a significant fan base. And since everything went online, all three games are constantly growing in popularity. Understandably, nowadays, there are plenty of different variations of these popular games. But the basic rules and the engaging spirits of these games stayed more or less the same. That said, let’s see what makes these three games so special.


Some of you may remember the joy you felt when you got your first Tetris game. Ever since its release, Tetris sold over 70 million physical copies. As of 2010, licensed Tetris games have been ported to over 65 platforms. On top of that, over 100 million players paid for a digital download of this favorite game. This impressive statistic only goes to show just how well-loved and popular this game actually is. The point of the game is to rotate and pile different shapes until you manage to form a horizontal line. Once the line is formed it will disappear from the screen, thus lowering the pile. The goal is to make as many combos as possible until the line reaches the top of the screen. Even though this may not sound too engaging, it’s really the opposite. The higher level you manage to reach, the more you want to keep going.

Different types of Tetris

To no one’s surprise, Tetris has a lot of variants. Since this game is so popular game developers decided to expand their reach. And while the most obvious difference lies in the user interface, there are other things worth mentioning. Currently, there are about 80 versions of officially licensed Tetris sequels and over 20 unofficial clones. All of these versions implemented their own original twist to core Tetris. This way, they’ve managed to attract a greater audience and thus expand their reach even further.


Slot games are another type of casino games that’s been well-enjoyed and loved. Most slots consist of a reel, a payline and a paytable. The goal is to reach the best combination of symbols when you spin the reel in order to get the best payout. Usually, slot games also offer the possibility to reach a jackpot. However, it’s important to mention that, online or offline, the outcome of the majority of slot games will heavily depend on pure luck. Since slot games use random number generators (RNG) the outcome of the spin is completely random. What this means is that you – as a player – can’t really affect the outcome. That said, nowadays, there are different variations of slots. Some of which will definitely require you to have some skill as well. Those are called skill based slots, so let’s learn a bit more about them.

Skill based slots

Skill based slots, as the name suggests, are slot games that rely on a player’s skill, rather than pure luck. So, to put it simply, skill based slots offer players the chance to boost their winnings purely with their skill. That’s why some players say that some of the best skill based slots resemble online poker or blackjack. The main difference between regular and skill based slots is that the latter will offer players bonus rounds. In these bonus rounds, players will be able to use their skill – rather than luck – to boost their odds. For instance, while playing skill based slots, players will get the option to trigger a bonus room. Once this happens, they’ll be able to choose a skill based bonus. In turn, the size of the payout will depend on how well the player did in the skill based part of the game.


Craps is a popular dice casino game where players are making wagers on the outcome of the dice roll. Usually, players can bet against each other or a bank. When players are betting against each other that’s popularly called “street craps”. On the other hand, when bets are made against a bank, that’s called “casino craps” or “table craps”. Street craps got their name due to the fact that they don’t really require a lot of equipment. Hence, they could – and very often were – played in the street or some other informal setting. On the other hand, casino or table craps require a special type of table. This type of craps can be played either solo or with other players. Here, you’ll be placing bets against the casino, rather than each other.

Craps require knowledge

Even though the rules of the game may initially sound simple, there’s really a lot to learn. Aside from getting familiar with the basic craps slang, you also need to learn what the outcome of each roll entails. On top of that, there are different types of bets – that have different outcomes – depending on the type of craps you’re playing. So, before you choose to give this game a shot, you might want to do some research first. That said, even if you don’t do the necessary research, you can still enjoy a game of craps. This is due to the fact that, even though there are strategies you can employ, the outcome of the roll does also require some luck.

For many decades, casino games were a great source of enjoyment and fun for a lot of people. Nowadays, their popularity continues to grow and evolve further. However, as diverse and engaging as they all are, these three games still seem to be the favorite. If you’ve never tried them out go and see for yourself why they’re still so popular.