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The fact that we want to be energetic while lying on the couch and procrastinating all day is ironic. It is going to sound odd but leaving the couch and actually doing something is going to rid you of your fatigue.

We all have enough energy to carry us through the day. After all, most of us consume over 1500 calories daily, which is more than enough for a decent workout routine. But where does all that energy go to if all you can feel is fatigue and tiredness?

Running on a low gas tank is not a disease but it is a symptom of something being out of order. For example, the reason why you feel drained out, come midday, may because of a poor diet, lack of activity, overstressing, or an underlying condition.

So how are you able to tell one thing from another?

Well, if you clearly do not have any symptoms of flu, fever, or any other illness then the problem is most probably going to be your routine habits. And to help you meet those shortcomings head-on, here are some changes you can bring your life to stay energized all day.

Ensure A Good Quality Of Sleep

Hitting the bed and staying there for as long as possible is on top of most of our to-do lists. Munching on snacks, working from home, and spending endless hours of gaming are just the pinnacle of what we enjoy.

But when it comes to having a good quality of sleep, the majority of us stand out. So how can one still not be rested enough even though all that is done during a day is lying on the couch or bed?

That is because lying and sitting are do not parallel the benefits and resting that comes from sleeping. Spending extended hours in a resting position makes your body immune to the sensation. And that is why you face difficulty falling asleep.

The most certain way of ensuring that you get deep sleep for the recommended hours is to use your energy up during the day. Workouts, exercise, and anything that makes you use your muscles will help improve your sleep.

It does so because once your muscles are all depleted of the energy, your body naturally realizes the need for a recharge. And going to bed only when you have to sleep will also help you fall asleep quicker.

Exercise Often

There might be very few problems regarding health that cannot be healed with a bit of exercise. As mentioned above, exercise makes the cells in your muscles use up energy and is supplied with oxygen. When you work out often, your body is much more energized and focused.

This is an odd point to settle in but the best way to feel energetic is to trick yourself into it. Leaving your comfort zone and going to the gym already sounds like a draining activity. But once you do break your cycle and take the initiative, you will realize it is not as hard as it sounds.

Among the many other benefits of exercise, it helps your brain increase the dopamine levels. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for happiness and fighting negative emotions. The happier and lighter you feel during the day, the more energized you will be.

And if going to the gym every day sounds too much to do then start small. Picking up your pace during your routine walk or finding yourself a home-workout routine is going to get the ball rolling.

Control The Stress In Your Life

I know it sounds easier said than done because if you were able to do that then why be here in the first place.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and all other negative emotions use up way more energy than we know. For instance, if there is a point of tension in your life then you’re kind of stuck with it. You think about it at work, at the bar, at home, in the shower, and anywhere. It follows you everywhere like an old ghost and keeps you from living your day.

Identify the stressors in your life and try dealing with them one by one. Instead of overthinking in vain, make out if you can do something about it because you can’t think a problem out of your life.

Try diverting your mind with the things that you enjoy. Whether it is spending time with your friends, colleagues, or your loved one, doing it more often is most likely to reduce stress. You can also look into meditation practices that train you to get in the driving seat of your thoughts.

But if nothing works out, then going to a therapist for help just might.

Cut Down On Drinking And Smoking

Nothing sounds better than a drink or smoke to take your mind off of things. But they are specifically the ones why you don’t feel energized every day.

The nicotine in a cigarette is a stimulant. It increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is an addiction so hard to break. But too much of anything will start having negative effects on you.

Other than the obvious health risks you are well aware of, it prevents you from hitting deep sleep. Or it may keep you from falling asleep quickly because of the heightened brain activity.

Drinking, on the contrary, gives you the opposite feeling. Since it is a sedative, it is going to calm your nerves and relax you. Downing a cocktail at lunch is going to leave you dizzy and drained out in the evening.

You can find some herbal alternatives like green maeng da kratom to boost energy when tired. Or, chamomile tea when you need to calm your nerves and relax.

Giving up smoking and drinking are the best solutions but to be fair, not that easy. So try cutting down a little if giving up completely seems too much.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

The best drink that there is for any activity or routine is but a glass of water. Now, this may not be what you were expecting as you read the heading, but hydration has a lot to do with giving you the energy you need.

Shun away the recommendation of timing eight glasses of water during a day. But make up a habit of drinking a glass every hour or two. Most of the fatigue you feel is not because of the lack of any nutrient but simply dehydration.

As a bonus point, timing your intake of caffeine is also going to give you a boost of energy. There is no doubt about the alertness that comes with having a cup of coffee in the morning or midday. But having coffee after midday may affect your sleep cycle, so be mindful.

Another important thing to keep in mind while having coffee is to not grow a dependency on it. because just like any other stimulant, you will end up being hooked on it having multiple cups a day. Too much coffee during a day will eventually dull your body’s response to it. It is best to just have a cup in the morning, and save the second cup for when you really need it.