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If you live in Canada, buying an electric actuator should not be a big problem. These devices are nowadays used in many industrial applications. They are also used to automate different things at home or work. For instance, you can upgrade your vehicle by automating different parts. This is possible with the use of electric actuators.

There are several manufacturers of high-quality linear actuators in Canada. Many distributors in Canada sell the best brands of these devices. Which ones should you check on when you are going to buy an actuator? Let us begin by listing the top manufacturers.

Major Manufacturers of Linear Actuators in Canada

These are manufacturers with a presence in Canada. Not all are Canadian companies though.

  • Progressive Automations. This company has been in the actuator market for over 10 years. It has headquarters in the United States and Canada. The company offers affordable electric actuators of different sizes. They cover different industrial applications. But it also offers domestic solutions. For example, the company produces TV lifts for indoor use. Continuous innovation characterizes this company;
  • Tolomatic. This is a “veteran” in the actuator market. This American company has more than 65 years in business. It manufactures electric actuators. But its offer covers other solutions like pneumatic systems. The company has a solid presence in Canada. It is one of the most innovative companies too;
  • Intelligent Actuator, Inc. (IAI). This Japanese company has almost 45 years in the actuator market. It has representation in Canada and other countries in the world. This is a leader manufacturer of plug-and-play linear actuators;
  • Linak. This is a Danish company with offices in Ontario, Canada. This company specializes in manufacturing electric actuators. The quality of its products is recognized around the world;
  • ABB Group. This multinational corporation has its main headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.  It has representation in Canada too. This giant is a world leader in automation technologies.

There are other manufactures of actuators in Canada. But if you are looking for a high-quality linear actuator, you should check the companies above.

Most Important Distributors of Linear Actuators in Canada

After deciding the brand of the actuator, you can check any of these vendors:

  • Sansom Equipment Limited. This Canadian company is a specialist in the sales and service of industrial and construction equipment. Its location is in Nova Scotia, Canada;
  • Marcel Equipment Limited. This distributor focuses on construction equipment. However, it also distributes equipment for mining. It operates in Ontario, Canada;
  • Crane Engineering Inc. This distributor operates in Quebec, Canada. The vendor initiated its activities over 90 years ago. It was a pump supplier, but over the years its offer expanded. It offers solutions for fluid processes. This includes linear actuators;
  • Metex Corporation Limited. With more than 25 years of operations, this vendor serves several industries. It distributes equipment for process control, manufacturing, and more.

Any of the above vendors guarantee a good service.