Finals are over, and you’re looking forward to your summer break? Don’t get lazy by just binge-watching your favorite TV shows all day long. Summer is the perfect time to go on adventures, meet new friends, or simply work on your body goals and finally get that bikini body you were dreaming of a few months ago.

If you’re not really the gym kind of person but still want to improve your lifestyle and become healthier, here are some cool, fun, and low-budget outdoor activities that will certainly help you build up muscles, tone your body, work on that six-pack, and get rid of cellulite.


Put on your swimsuit and head to the nearest pool, lake, river, or ocean! Summer is the perfect time to spend some quality hours outside, exercising your swimming style, and looking after your body! Swimming is not only good for your heart but will also help you work on all important parts of your body – chest, abs, legs, shoulders, back, and arms.

On average, you will burn 476 calories for an hour of swimming while you will also feel better and get a good tan.

Water activities

Swimming is not the only water activity that will work on your muscles. Whether you choose canoeing, kayaking, or even diving, you will still help your body lose weight. You will mainly focus on your arm, chest, and shoulder muscles, but this doesn’t mean your butt or your legs are left aside.

What’s even better is that you can combine your favorite water activities for a full day of fun outside. Take out your boat for a ride on the lake, then stop for a quick swim and finish with a fishing game. Bonus: you’ll enjoy a delicious and low-calorie dinner with your fresh fish on the grill.

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Yard work or gardening

Believe it or not, spending time outside with your plants will give you a full-body workout. Mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, raking or turning a compost pile are all mandatory activities when you have a generous backyard but the good thing is that they also work on your main muscle groups and help you tone your body.

Playing with children

Having toddlers or young children means neverending stress. They require your full attention and can rarely be left unsupervised without getting themselves into some kind of trouble.

However, playing outside with your kids, especially games that require running or another form of physical activity is beneficial for all of you. Parents who engage in their children’s activities are forced to run around, increasing their chances of losing weight and burning calories.

As for the children, they will strengthen their bones, reduce the risk of overweight and obesity, develop a healthy appetite, and will also become closer to their parents. Half an hour of quality time spent with your kids outdoors is the best remedy against tiredness, stress, and anxiety.


This fun activity is perfect for all members of your family, including children and pets. It promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle while working on the most important muscle groups – your arms, shoulders, and legs.

Throwing the frisbee and catching it is the perfect method for those who don’t enjoy jogging or doing cardio inside the gym. All you need to do is grab some of your buddies and your dog and head to the nearest park for a few hours of fun and sweat. It will help you burn calories, stretch, and bond with your dearest ones at the same time.


Hiking is an affordable way to spend more time outdoors, bonding with your beloved ones while working on your body shape. It will mainly work the lower part of your body, including your back that needs to be strong enough to carry that heavy backpack.

Put on a comfortable pair of hiking boots and head to the nearest natural park or mountain area for a day spent reconnecting with nature.

Enroll in a boot camp

This method might seem a little extreme, but it will certainly pay off in the long term. A boot camp has the intensity and strictness of a personal trainer while offering the support of a fitness class. Find the nearest boot camp and enroll in it for seven days to work on all your muscle groups, lose weight, and change your lifestyle.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising regularly won’t do the trick if you stick to your old eating and sleeping habits. Luckily, you will learn everything you need to know about discipline and a strict schedule if you dare to join one of these camps for adults.

Train for a triathlon

This multisport race consists of three different parts: swimming, cycling, and running. This type of training routine will put in motion all your muscles and provide a complete workout for your body. It will help you work your legs, arms, chest, shoulders, abs, and even your behind.

Keep in mind that this is one of the most demanding outdoor activities that require time, dedication, and investing in proper training gear. If you’re a newbie, you might want to start with just one of the three activities. We suggest swimming or running because they are lighter.

Going for a ride with your motorbike

OK, this is not exactly the type of outdoor activity that will keep you in shape, but it is certainly healthier than driving a car. Riding a bike gives you a sense of freedom and does keep you more connected with the road. You need to stay alert all the time and, even though you won’t work too many muscles at the same time, you will still improve your hand-eye-foot coordination.

Also, it will help you clear your mind and even offer you a new perspective on life. According to passionate bikers, long rides are like therapy but more affordable. Just make sure you have everything ready before starting your journey – proper protective gear, a decent bike, and a really good jack for your moto in case you need to do some minor repairs before.