At a glance, that hunk of junk sitting in your driveway may not look like much. You may even think it couldn’t fetch any money at all.

However, don’t be so quick to judge. Your junk car may have seen better days, and it may be past its prime. However, you can still get some money out of it by going to the right organization. Plenty of people are willing to exchange cash for junk cars to get the parts or the raw materials.

The question you may be asking next is – “how much is a junk car worth?” You don’t want to try and get too much, because you’ll price yourself right out of the market.

But you don’t want to go too low, either, as it will cause you to miss out on money you deserve. How do you determine the perfect number?

How Do You Determine Your Car’s Value?

For many car owners, they can find it easy to overestimate the value of their vehicle. After all, it is their vehicle – and given they likely put their own money down for it, they may want more than buyers are willing to offer.

Conversely, buyers sometimes want to undercut sellers. They may try to make a very low offer and only drive it up by tiny amounts during the negotiation process. How do buyers and sellers come to agree on a fair number that is in the middle?

First off, research the car’s value-based off its make, model, and year. The factors that would decrease this number include age, visible or non-visible damage, repair history, and lingering problems. The factors that could increase the value are modifications or upgrades made to the vehicle beyond its factory specs.

You may also want to have a car’s history checked with a car reporting agency, or having a specialist analyze it and see just how much it would be worth based off how it looks in its current state.

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Other Factors to Consider When Selling

When you are selling your junk car, the question isn’t just how much is a junk car worth. The question is also how do you find the best buyer.

The best buyer isn’t always the one who offers the most money. Of course, you’ll want a buyer who gives you a good price. But what about factors like junk car pick up? If a buyer arranges to pick up your vehicle, they may take that cost out of the overall price they’ll pay you. But, if it’s easier for them to get to you and get the car than it would be for you to bring it, this could be worth it.

You may also want to choose the buyer who has the best history of vehicle appraisals and value ratings. You can check their website or review sites to see if they have a history of offering fair pricing and making good deals.

Don’t forget about other factors such as how fast they can complete the transaction, and whether they pay by cash or check.

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