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The United States has multiple places famous for tourism. Americans can easily take a quick getaway to take a break from their mundane routine. Several people travel to the southeastern region of Tennessee as the state has plenty of activities to offer.

Numerous people want to travel to natural places as they get bored living amidst technological artificial life. Others take a trip to witness architectural wonders, museums, and theme parks. Some people travel to spend some days on beaches and enjoy water activities. Tennessee is a fantastic place to visit as the state has entertainment avenues that suit different people’s tastes.

The modern world has made traveling easy and enabled people to make their itineraries beforehand. They can search for accommodation, places to visit, activities to try, cuisines to eat, and book their tickets online. People say that one trip is not enough to devour Tennessee’s beauty and relish the activities the place offers. Still, with extensive planning and preparation, they can make the most of their trip and visit as many places as they can on their journey to the all-encompassing state.

Some scenic yet vibrant places to visit on your next trip to Tennessee are as follows:


The beautiful town nestled in the mountains in the eastern part of Tennessee is famous for its mesmerizing views, vibrant history, and great shopping centers. This city is also called the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. Moreover, the city offers luxurious accommodation options to make visitors’ stay comfortable yet unforgettable. Therefore, people can search online by typing Gatlinburg hotels to get the best possible option for their stay. People want to go away from the hustle-bustle of life look for a place to relax that is neither too flashy nor loud. Gatlinburg, down the road from Pigeon Forge, is an ideal place for them.


Memphis has an important place in US history, and history enthusiasts long to visit the historical site. They visit from all over the country to see National Civil Rights Museum and Cotton Museum. Aside from its historical significance, the city has a musical vibe and groves on Elvis Presley’s and other country artists’ music. Memphis is a must-visit place for children as the Memphis Zoo is an enormous place housing more than 500 species of animals. The city sees high temperatures in summers, so people visiting Tennessee in winters or springs can enjoy Memphis’ vibe without worrying about the weather.

Pigeon Forge

Tennessee’s visit is incomplete without a tour of a magnificent mountain city, Pigeon Forge. The city is home to the famous singer Dolly Patron and attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Dollywood, a theme park with rides that can give an adrenaline rush, enthralls children and adults alike. The splash water park has numerous water activities and rides. Comedy Barn Theatre is a place where people can forget their worries as actors put up tremendous performances. Visitors can easily access The Great Smoky Mountains from Pigeon Forge; thus, they can make this small city their base while hiking up the mountains.


People who have visited Chattanooga describe it as a ‘scenic city’ as it nestles among southeast mountains and is situated along the Tennessee River. Aside from the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, the city must be included in the Tennessee itinerary for its historical importance as it was the Civil War battlefield in the 19th and 20th centuries. People visiting Chattanooga can see how the city has transformed in the past few decades. The city has urbanized and embraced technological advancements without losing its small-town charm and its diversity. Tourists can visit the North Shore district to devour delectable food. At the same time, they view the beautiful scenes of the sky and admire the beauty of the town.


The third-largest city of Tennessee is popularly called Appalachian. A 1000-acre forested land is a paradise for people into botanic and plants and a terrific place to go camping or trail. The town is near the Great Smoky Mountains and is famous for the landmark Sunsphere, a 266-foot-tall tower. The town has pristine lakes where tourists can fish, swim, or wander around sparkling blue waters. Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville Museum of Art, and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame are other must-checkout places of the vibrant city. The city has everything tourists look at on a trip, and missing it adds to their regret list.


The Music City Nashville is the capital and most populous city of the state. The city is named for its music, but it has several other tourists attractions that make it one of the must-visit places of Tennessee. Music fans from all over the country fly to the happening town to enjoy the live music from the bars lining Broadway. They have undiscovered yet talented music artists. Tourists can enjoy the typical Southern cooking and relish International food fusion dishes. Tourists’ visit to Nashville is incomplete without a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, The Parthenon, and Belle Meade. Tourists can hang around downtown to experience the musical city’s vibe while sipping up a coffee from a nearby cafeteria.


In the past few years, a hike has been visible in people taking vacations. Modern life is hectic and keeps people on their toes throughout their days. They crave getaways and want to take a break from their regular lives. Tennessee is a natural paradise as The Great Smoky Mountains, pristine lakes, and huge parks mesmerize people and offer scenic views. Country Music originated in Nashville, a vibrant city of Tennessee, and is considered a must-visit place for music lovers. Visitors can enjoy the southern hospitality, fried catfish, and sweet tea as no southern meal is complete without the flavor of sweet tea. Tourists can create lifelong memories as they enjoy with friends, family or go solo on their trip to Tennessee.