If you are going to appear for an interview on SharePoint and looking for the best interview questions you are at the right place to build your beautiful career. Over here, there are some top best share point important interview questions and answers list given in the below description.

There are some top most important interview asked questions with answers on share point are listed below go through them and sharpen your mind.

1. What are the teams?

A) Teams is a part of office 365 group and share point online site and document library to store files, an exchange online shared mailbox and calendar and comprises onenote, skype. Client software is available for teams.

2) What is powerapps?

A)Power apps is a software used to develop a custom business application without using knowledge of app development and custom coding.

3) What is the flow?

A)Flows are used to set up lists and libraries for sharepoint online and for one drive business. It helps to automate tasks between sharepoint and office 365 groups to third parties.

4) What is office 365 groups?

A) Office 365 groups works on office 365 tools to collaborate easily with your teammates while creating spreadsheets, writing documents scheduling meetings and sending mails.

5) What is the ULS Viewer?

A)It is an windows application used to view sharepoint logs easily and it is used to compute files and forms online easily.

6) what is the difference between IIS logs and ULS


A)The iiS logs shows an information about the request of http made to the server as it shows time,ip address, user name and Http status code. Most of this information not present in ULS logs.

ULS logs contain useful tracing information of files in sharepoint applications, contains log entries for all the systems and services on share point. By these logs, no one is going to accessing the information and used to monitor threatsold.

7) What type of input forms created for a workflow?

A)We can create four different types of input forms like

1 – An association form

2 – An initiation form

3 – An modification form

4 – A text edit form

These are not required for a workflow template.

8) What are the ways to create input forms that can

be created for a workflow?

A) There are two ways

1 – we can create forms by custom application pages which are

standard.aspx pages.Here a lot of code is required

2 – Using microsoft office infopath 2007

9) What is a content type?

A content type is a group of reusable settings attributes to

a) columns(metadata)

b) the custom edit, new and display

c) the work flows

d) custom solutions

e) the informative management policies associated with content type

f) the document information panel

10) What is a field controls?

A) Field controls are the simple ASP.NEt

B) 2.0 server controls they provide basic functionalities of a share point.

11) How to create links to the mapped network


A) Creating links to mapped drives in WSS V3 or MOSS 2007 can be

done via .link files by new content.

12) what does Allow unsafe updates do?

A) you need to allow unsafe updates on your web site if your code

modifies windows sharepoint data in any way here no any other

security validation code is required.

13) What is CAML, why should you use it?

A) CAML stands for collaborative Application Markup Language. It is

a XML based language which provides data constructs to build up

B) sharepoint fields, view and for table definition.CAML is useful for

rending data of outputs in share points.

14) What is a distributed cache service?

A) The distributed cache services provide in-memory cache services for

features in SharePoint.The features are

a) Newsfeed

b) onenote client access

c) Authentication

d) security trimming

15)What happens if cache memory is stopped?

A) when clusters happened in the cache we face problems like runtime

errors, no newsfeed, access denied and unexpected errors.

16) What is a zone?

A)In the share point, ” Zones” are ways like creating entrances for new users for content. Adding additional zones to your content is adding additional doors like there is more chance of retrieving content.

17) What are the types of zones?

A) There are five types of zones

1) internet

2) custom

3) Default

4) Intranet

5) Extranet

18) How many types of authentication are there in


A) There are some authentications involved in sharepoint they are




*Form based authentications


19) Difference between backup/restore vs


A) Backup/ restore is for site whereas import/export for lists.

20) How many days share point online sites are

backed up?

A) In 14 days

21) What is the SshareP point?

A) Share point is a web based collaborative business platform managed with Microsoft Office. It is used to secure, share, store and access information.

22) Additional features in share point?

A)Additional features of share point

1 – Access service

2 – Compliance features

3-Customized web parts

4-Durable links

5-Encrypted connections

6-Fast site collection creation

7-Hybrid un share point

8-image and video previews

9-Large file support

23)What are hardware and software requirements for

share point?

A)Hardware requirements are 64-bit processor four core 2.5 GHz per code software requirements Ram 4GB for evaluation 8GB for single or multiple server farm installations

24)Difference between asynchronous and

synchronous event servers?

A)An asynchronous event occurs after an action takes place where as

synchronous action takes place before the action takes place.

25) What is the maximum content database per a


A) The maximum content of 500 databases in only allowed per a farm.

26) How many maximum number of web

applications created in a farm?

A) 20 web applications are recommended per a farm

27) permission types in sharepoint?

A)Some different permissions are there in share point are listed below:

1-Limited access

2-view only

3- Read

4-Edit and design

5-Full control.

28) What is the difference between Application

pages and site pages?

A)Application pages are the typical pages in the ground of constructing the files and documents in share points. Whereas site pages are edited, written, secured and.modified by end client as per the modifications he required.

29)How many days takes to avail the removed

content from recycle bin?

A)It takes 30 days to recover our content from recycle bin

30) What is the page lay out?

A) Page lay out means managing the general look of a page and it contains field controls as well as a web part. A page design depends on the substance it puts on page.