Most people find it difficult to get a perfect apartment that meets their personal standards. Even though there are so many things to look out for, only a few units and residential buildings seem worthwhile. As a real estate investor, you want to make your property as appealing as possible to attract tenants. However, it is not possible to appeal to everyone’s needs and expectations.

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Here are some factors to consider attracting tenants to your unit:


Location is one of the biggest considerations for most tenants. They want to be close to their friends and family as well as work and necessary facilities like banks and hospitals. If your property is placed in the right location, you are likely to attract even with fewer amenities. Most renters are willing to compromise on amenities to get a desirable location.


Feeling safe, especially in a busy location, is a big concern for prospective tenants. Personal safety is a big priority, and a property with some kind of security system is likely to attract tenants. An effective security system offers tenants peace of mind knowing they are safe. Whether it is a swipe card, auto-locking doors or alarms, any security system that keeps away unwanted visitors is a plus for most tenants.


Human beings are attracted to new things and always aspire to have the latest and greatest. You can impress your tenants through renovations. An outdated kitchen or bathroom can keep tenants off your property. Renovate your units, particularly the kitchens and bathrooms, to attract prospective tenants.


Initially, residential units featured a lot of walls making them seem smaller and distancing. In order to attract tenants, you will need to feature some of the latest trends. The open layout is one of the newer trends that most tenants are considering. It makes the living space feel bigger and is also ideal for hosting guests too.

Parking spaces

Residential units placed in the central areas of the city may not have enough room to feature parking stalls to the tenants. Most tenants are wary of parking their cars on the street because of inconveniences and security issues. You are likely to attract tenants if your property features a dedicated parking area too.