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We all wish to play casino games for a chance to win big money. For some, simple prizes can be satisfactory enough. For others, the grand jackpot is what they aim to seek after long hours of play. If they are lucky enough, they may even get the big prize from just a few short spins. There are all kinds of games where a big win can be scored. Slots are among the most favored, as they can have specific progressive jackpots that can be won. To maximize your winning potential, to begin with, a Slot Universes can help this. Here is a list of some of the biggest winners of online casinos in history.

New Zealand Player – NZ$10,144,394 

This prize was won on the 17th of June in 2016. The player’s name was Rawiri Pou from New Zealand. This was won from the mega-popular slot game, Mega Moolah, created by Microgaming. The prize equals $7.4 million. This was a big surprise to the player who said in response that he couldn’t believe the prize was even real. They were in quite a shock and talked about how life-changing this amount of money would be for them: overwhelming odds and a massive amount of happiness.

Australian Player – AU$10,423,223 

This prize was won in the same year as the New Zealand player. It was won on the 8th of April in 2016 by an anonymous player who was playing another Microgaming slot. The amount equals $7.8 million, as a jackpot that was gained in the Dark Knight. This slot is based on the famous superhero movie about the legendary hero, Batman. This was considered quite the blockbuster slot over at the casino Spin Palace. Since they chose to remain anonymous, no further details can be revealed from this mystery player.

Greek Player – 6.3 Million Euros 

This jackpot was won back in March 2009. The man was named Gorgios M, who took around an amount equalling $8,6 million. The prize was won over at River Belle Online Casino. The man confesses to being a slot professional, playing many different games in Grecian establishments. It isn’t bad for someone who is only 36 and owns a small business in the country. The knowledge is what made him a big winner of the largest Microgaming casino jackpot that is ever paid out.

Swedish Player – 7.6 Million Euros 

A great prize was won in February 2012. This was a lucky female player who gained the big jackpot prize equalling 7.6 million Euros. The game that she was playing was called Hall of Gods slot, which was played at Unibet Online Casino. Hall of Gods was produced by the premium content supplier, NetEnt. This, too, is a progressive jackpot game, which has three different jackpots you can gain. The lucky woman was able to gain these prizes even though the average jackpot prize is only 5.3 million Euros. It is still the highest-paid jackpot from this slot to this very day.

Anonymous Player – 7.82 Million Euros 

April 5, 2015, was the day this mega prize was won. The player not only remains anonymous by name but also from the country they played at. There is no further information regarding where they are from, how old they are, what gender they are, and so forth. All that is known is that the game that they won it on was also Hall of Gods. Except for this time, the slot was played at the establishment, Betsson Casino. The amount that was won is equal to $8.73 million.

IPad Player – 7.9 Million Euros 

Once again, in 2016, the prize was won on August 28th. The player is only known by her initial this time, going by the letters D.P. What also makes this slot unique is where it was won from. The progressive online jackpot was gained from a mobile device. The gender was female, but this is the only piece of personal information that could be gained. Location and age remain a mystery. The amount that was won equaled $8.82 million and was gained from Zodiac Casino. The app version was what was played, and the player only had to make a single $1 deposit.

Swedish Player – 8.57 Million Euros 

Once again, this prize was won from the ever-popular slot game Mega Moolah by Microgaming. The player’s name was revealed to be Alexander, and his age was revealed to be 30 years old. The prize that they won was equal to $9.57 million. The reason why Mega Moolah is a successful payout machine is because of the fantastic developments from the provider. Microgaming has been a powerhouse in slot game engineering and has had its hands in almost all facets of the online gambling industry.

UK Player – £13.2 million 

The prize was gained in 2015 on October 6th. The player’s name was Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire, United Kingdom. The man was lucky enough to win a massive jackpot equalling $17.2 million. The man himself is a former British soldier who gained this former record-breaking jackpot from just a 25p spin. This jackpot was gained from the online establishment Betway Casino. It is an incredible and life-changing amount of money that has helped this army veteran gain a full life of luxury. He made the news and took a picture of his massive check, which was personally delivered to him.

Finland – 17,861,800 Euros 

This is currently the biggest prize that has ever been won from a slot game. It holds the record with just a 25-cent bet and the prize equalling $24 million. The prize was won by a Finnish man in his 40’s who played the progressive jackpot game Mega Fortune. The casino it was held at was the Scandinavian betting company, PAF. The time was January 20, 2013. It is possible to see the win itself as it was recorded to preserve this historic moment. Even after all these years, the jackpot has never been beaten.