A book review is one of the most groundbreaking assignment when it comes to rigorous analysis and creative ideas. But how to stick to a proper title of the book, especially if the ideas are just never-ending?

Well, it would make sense to choose from the hits in the world of literature, which are just perfectly suited for students and their respective reviews. As a matter of fact, we are certain to narrow our choice to three most prominent books for review, including Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, accompanied by Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

Although you might choose any other title, our prior experience wouldn’t get us wrong since these books deconstruct important topics, which are to be topical for years to come. So, let’s give each of these literary pieces of proper attention.

Animal Farm

When it comes to Orwell’s literary contribution, most people underestimate the power of a story in his novella titled Animal Farm. Basically, the plot revolves in somewhat a surrealist setting, where all animals agreed to rebel against a farmer in order to build its own utopia. In their dreams, the only-animal society would be free, equal, and happy for all, without any exceptions.

Unfortunately for all those animals, Orwell’s main idea was to portray the animal’s society as an allusion to socialist states in the middle of the twentieth century. As the plot progresses, readers are becoming more and more engaged in the assessment of whether the maintenance of such a society is possible or not.

And here emerges George Orwell with his unique message about the essence of socialist society, its crucial issues, and even the corruption of a central government. All of the events that happened on Animal Farm are just great examples of how such a utopian perspective might end up just horribly. In that sense, students might review any of these ideas and concepts in their book review or just assess the entire complexity of topics revealed by Orwell. Obviously, such an allegorical portrayal of socialist states is just a masterpiece in the domain of literature, which deserves proper attention from schoolers.

Keeping all that in mind, we are certain that students would be most likely to be overwhelmed by the complexity of topics and issues in this specific book. So, just feel free to stick to it once you’ve made your mind on the book selection and pay attention to details, which are multiple throughout Orwell’s Animal Farm.

While some students might trace the failures of that animal society, others might follow Orwell’s message regarding the inevitable transformation of socialism into a totalitarian dictatorship. Just be sure to choose one unique niche and follow it throughout your review of Animal Farm.

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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a novel that arises a wide range of complex and controversial issues about humans and their nature in extreme conditions. Since the plot revolves around British kids on an uninhabited island, their interactions, transformations, and social behavioral patterns are continually transforming.

Because of that, students who are willing to choose this piece for their book review wouldn’t make a mistake at all. Although the content of Golding’s main message is a bit allegorical, schoolers would obviously trace how the themes of social organization, civilization, and meaningful relationships are disrupted in the severe realities of an uninhabited island.

The powerful themes that are examined within the book include but are not limited to groupthink, individuality, the essence of the social relations, and even rationality. In that case, schoolers might narrow their book review a bit by assessing a certain element in Golding’s book. By doing so, the entire review would seem to bit more valid, straightforward, and unique.

Regardless of what is your personal perception of the deconstruction of the aforementioned issues, Lord of the Flies and its plot are just intimidating in terms of delivering a horrific message about the nature of the dehumanization. So, a wide range of topical problems arises in the context of this story, which obviously deserves proper attention from the students and their respective book reviews.

With all that said, you might just review the boys’ characters and attitudes to each other in your book review in order to impress your instructor in terms of the precision of your analysis. So, just be sure to stick to the right sub-topic since the entire story might seem a bit large for you to cover in your written assignment.


Orwell’s second book on the list is something that you should definitely look at, especially considering an overall interest of schoolers in 1984. This book is built around the anti-utopian world created by Orwell, which seemingly oppresses the opinion other than one dictated by the central government of the Big Brother.

The frustration in the mind of the main character called Winston Smith is one way or another related to the oppressive system that imposes rigid control over all the citizens of Orwell’s world.

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Also, the story is full of issues that relate to altering historical records, the prohibition of free thought, and even the constant monitoring of all individuals. With that being said, 1984 delivers an important message of how the dictatorship world would look like in its pure form.

Students might prefer reviewing this book by deconstructing certain characters, such as Big Brother or even Winston himself. Regardless of what is your personal perception of this book, you should obviously try assessing this literary gem on the subject of how the portrayed reality is similar or not to the modern reality. With this potential idea in mind, you might also conduct drastic measures to assess the power relations in the world of 1984.

From what you can see, the book review possibilities are just countless, eventually making this book by Orwell overwhelmingly brilliant writing that obviously deserves proper attention from schoolers. And once again, it serves as a brilliant guide on how not to build a society.

In Conclusion

From now and on, you wouldn’t be intimidated by a mere thought of choosing a suitable topic for your book review. All you have to do is to stick to one of the aforementioned titles, which are suitable for crafting your own written assignment. In that sense, just choose George Orwell and his narrative of how corruption becomes one of the most crucial issues in society, especially, if it’s originated by the government. In case you’re willing to review the human relations in extreme conditions in a bit more detail, Lord of the flies is your choice. Nevertheless, we wish you good luck with either choice you make, after all.