Gambling experience. What is that? Is it knowledge? Is it abilities to predict? Maybe some tricks? Yes, all of..

Let’s get tips to play with, as they are so priceless for everyone. Very often newcomers that register an account, try to rush into battle to get winnings! Such players make the same mistakes. They are the same.

Let’s speak about common misconceptions that prevent to hit the jackpot, as well as make a list of recommendations that increase

chances to win.

Lifehack 1.

Choose the right place If you read these lines, then most likely the first life hack is already in your hands. Its point in choosing the right gambling establishment. License, certificates, wonderful bonus program, attractive design the site, a large selection of games, 24-hour online support and much more – all this can be estimated by you.

Lifehack 2.

Learn the rules Each online game has its own rules and subtleties. For example, in American Roulette Basket Bet covers only 5 digits, which reduces the likelihood of winnings up to 7.9%, and experienced gamblers prefer the European version. In the French version, there is a rule according to, the zero is being returned to the player. Blackjack, poker and other gamblings have their own nuances. There are tricks even in slots☝ Knowing the rules will reduce the amount of unjustified spending and stupid losses.

After studying the basic information, you can:

– look game reviews from experienced gamblers on YouTube. Players willingly share other knowledge and publish their own life hacks;

  1. master the intricacies of gambling in the demos of slot machines, card, and board games;
  2. download free online games to your computer or smartphone and try their strength in them.

Lifehack 3.

Choose the right game. Games with unusual design and cool themes, without doubt, arouse interest. However, is it worth choosing a machine only because of an exotic exterior kind of?

Here you have to consider:

– Brand of the provider. Popular good reputation companies will not releasing low-quality games with bugs and crashes. Simple companies often collaborate with scammers and create low-grade programs.

The presence or absence of a jackpot. Playing slot machines with progressive jackpots, you can hit a big jackpot, but according to statistics, visitors who make large bets, win more often.

– Popularity and cycle length. Slot machines have a little secret – they give players coins after a certain cycle, so the probability to hit the jackpot often depends on the popularity of the slot. More players use the machine, the faster it goes through the cycle, and the more users win.

– Bets amount. Slots with minimum bets often give out winning combinations, but the payouts of such applications are small. If the visitor hunts for big prizes, you should choose slot machines with medium and high bets.

User reviews. You can find reviews about great number of slot machines on different gambling forums. The experience of other users will help the novice understand how likely is it to get a jackpot or leave an online casino. The largest information portal is AskGamblers, where, by the way, you can find many different ratings.

Lifehack 4.

Have a sense of proportion. The fourth mistake is excessive enthusiasm for gambling. Online casinos should not become an obsession. Excessive enthusiasm makes it difficult to think sensibly, to analyze the situation and win.

How can we ignore Poker? How much is in this word… How many emotions, how much pain, how much gain and frustrations is this worldwide game. ‘It changes people’s fates’ – the Dailymail mentions.

Misconceptions about poker

“Hot” and “cold” games. Almost every gambler encountered the fact that the device during a certain period of time did not give out winning combinations or, on the contrary, successful deals constantly fell out. So the point about “cold” and “hot” video pokers is just a fiction.

In fact, it is impossible to predict the operation of an online device. After each giveaway, one of two and a half million can happen by chance combinations. With the help of the RNG, one of them can be formed on the playing field. Patterns that determine the sequence of occurrence of specific There are no layouts in video poker.

Therefore, it is useless to believe that some mechanisms are embedded in video poker. Some players think that if a jackpot was hit on a particular device, then for some time he will not give winnings, that is, he will be “cold”. AND on the contrary, if the machine did not bring winnings for a long time, then after a couple of distributions it will “give” advantageous combinations.

“Charged” devices

Some players, that are not winning anything in a given game, may suspect that the resource presents either non-original software or the games are “twisted” or “rigged“.

You might even think that the player became the hero of a certain conspiracy theory. Well, that happens.

However, a logical question arises here: is it worth making a deposit to an institution whose integrity you are not sure of?

But as usual licensed online casinos are not allowed to influence the operation of the RNG as Askgamblers state.


Video poker is not the kind of entertainment where one should listen to apprehension. Of course, an intuitive illogical solution sometimes leads to loss of good combination. In accordance with a specific situation, using math calculations. Intuitive Lifelong Game the length of time does not work.

Fixed results

One of the most common myths – each video poker provides certain winning and losing hand series. Therefore, playing on overtime, the player will receive a frequent series of losses or winnings.

But this myth also contradicts the work of the RNG. According to the manufacturers’ gaming machines, the outcome of each distribution depends on random algorithms. Of course, every player risks getting a series of unsuccessful hands, but that’s not means they are pre-programmed.

For poker to bring you pleasure, you must forget about all sorts of myths, to the maximum use profitable bonuses and promotions, your knowledge and skill as well as have fun at trustworthy places only.

Poker has great number of benefits.

Let’s get a look at some of them…


According to statistics, the most often winnings are taken playing poker, comparing to slots.


When playing online, only you decide how many games you play, when you start and where you play – King Billy pokies in Australia or at home.


You and only you choose a game option and a bet, and also make decisions without anyone either help.


There is always competition. It makes you constantly hone your knowledge and learn something new thread.

Live like a King, play like a King!

Author: Serg Dum

Almost 3 years I am devoted to working as a Chief Content Editor at King Billy Casino