New strains pop up all the time, and this week’s batch is full of fruity aromas and powerful effects. A lot of these new strains are similar to Jahwaiian. Jahwaiian is a Sativa strain that’s known for its energy-boosting capabilities and its amazing tropical flavors. Below we’ve put together a list of the new strains and highlighted everything that’s special about them. We’ve also briefly explained what they actually are for anyone out there who may be interested (weed dispensary Vaughan).


Cali Jack

First up is a strain called Cali Jack. Cali Jack was bred by Medicanna Seeds and is a combination of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Jack Here. The strain is now well known for its uplifting effects, its energy-boosting capabilities, and more. A lot of people find that it’s very similar to Jahwaiian in the effects department! The strain is also great for people suffering from some sort of mental illness. Stress, anxiety, and depression have all been known to be alleviated when high on this particular strain.

Grape Calyx

This particular strain isn’t as clean-cut as Cali Jack in the sense that its genetics go really far back. It’s not simply a mix of two other strains, but rather, it’s got branches of genetic code from all sorts of other strains. Grape Calyx is well known for its pain relief abilities, making it great for people who suffer from headaches, migraines, and other chronic pains. The strain has also been known to stimulate the appetite of a lot of weed smokers. This makes the strain perfect for people with eating disorders. Just be sure to have a lot of snacks around, you don’t want to be high on this without munchies!

Ninja Fruit

This particular strain is great for social outings. Not only does it make you super talkative and creative, but it gets rid of any social anxiety you may feel. Alongside this is the reduction in pain and depression as well (although not as strong as Cali Jack, it’s still pretty effective). Ninja Fruit is known to be decently strong and is great as a party strain. Overall a very high-quality cannabis strain that’s now used by both beginners and veterans alike.

Ultra Banana

If you struggle with some sort of sleep disorder, Ultra Banana is the strain you should be smoking. It’s a mix between Banana Kush and MK Ultra (hence its name), and will put you to sleep so hard you’ll think you’d had slept for five years. When smoking this you won’t feel any pain, nor will you feel any stress or anxiety. All you’ll feel is immense comfort, and then you’ll fall asleep. Most people say they don’t even dream. They just rest peacefully for long durations of time.

Blue Wonder

This particular strain is great for people going through chemotherapy. Chemo tends to make people super nauseated, but as we all know, weed does the opposite. Blue Wonder enhances that nausea reduction ability. It calms you down, induces mild euphoria, and gets rid of any pain you might be feeling. This particular strain is excellent because it’s not too strong, it tastes of blueberries and Earth, and it has wonderfully modest effects.

Final Thoughts

For more information about how these strains could potentially help you or a friend, either contact us or refer to your local cannabis dispensary. Be sure not to use marijuana if it is illegal in your country or state. Brush up on the laws beforehand!