How Your Small Business Can Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID continues to spread more and more rampantly, it is becoming clearer that more people will be spending time online and away from each other. It is also becoming clear that this is something that’s not only going to impact people’s mental health, but it’s going to be something that’s going to impact businesses from all walks of life. Businesses from all around the world will likely feel the negative effects of people spending more and more time online. Of course, this won’t necessarily be a bad thing for e-commerce stores or other online-based businesses.

Heck, it will even be good for businesses that are invested heavily in online marketing. At the very least, your business might get some attention and recognition that it normally wouldn’t get. Regardless, it is hard to overlook the fact that COVID will just about impact every business in a negative manner. That is, unless, you know how to counter this pandemic or use it to your benefit.

Providing The Right Tools

First and foremost, most people are now going to find themselves working from home. While this might be a dream for some employees, it could turn out to be a complete nightmare for a lot of employers. And, this is because most people won’t be home alone. In fact, they’ll now be playing host and teacher, as kids and spouses will also be stuck at home. Simply put, this is going to make concentrating and staying busy with work more difficult. Not only that, but it’s an entirely new means of work. It’ll take some time to adapt. Regardless, as an employer, you can make sure you are doing your part by providing your employees with the right tools.

Make sure that you are providing them with remote networking tools that will allow them to effectively communicate and work with team members. Your employees will need access to tools that allow them to effectively communicate and work with each other.

Get Creative And Innovative

With COVID now in full effect, now is the time for businesses to get more creative and innovative than ever. While this might sound like an easy task, it’ll be much harder than one would imagine. And, this is due to the fact that a lot of other competing businesses will be looking to do the same thing. Offering credit free options or heavily discounted products and services during this time of need will greatly help out a lot of businesses, but it’d be much more thoughtful to get even more creative. For instance, offering a bottle of hand sanitizer or a roll or tissue paper with each purchase is a good idea. Just be sure to jump on buying up these items ahead of time because they will certainly be in high demand.

Keeping Customers In The Loop

How do you expect anyone to know that you are still in business if you aren’t advertising or being active? With most people stuck in their homes, it is likely that they don’t know what’s going on with your business. Just because you have employees at home nestled behind their desks working their fingers to the bone, it doesn’t mean your customers know. This is why it is imperative to make sure that they know you are still there for them. While there are several ways that you can approach this, one of the best is the create a newsletter or compiling a huge e-mail that addresses the situation.

Heck, send a huge message to everyone including your investors, suppliers, and associates, letting them know that you plan on continuing operating as normal. It might not even hurt to set up some kind of weekly or monthly correspondence, letting your customers and associates know what is going on inside your business.


It doesn’t matter if you are a mostly online business or if you have unlimited resources at your disposal, you will feel the effects of COVID. Some will no doubt feel them much heavier than others, but regardless, you will need to make adjustments. Adjustments that will only go for the betterment of your business. Keep in mind, you’ll want to go all-in with these changes because it is likely that the market won’t go back to normal even after COVID is long gone. The way you end up doing things in the next few months could become the normal means or business operation.