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Reading is akin to a friend that can take you places, introduce you to new things, and expand your knowledge. Sadly, people of the modern world have elusive attention spans and no longer prioritizing curling up with a book. Now is the time to change this self-limiting mindset because reading will help you grow as a person and in your profession. Reading ebooks from reputable publishers like will motivate, inspire, and educate you, so you can have something interesting to talk about when you’re networking and meeting clients. Reading is an excellent way to unwind while learning something in the process. Unfortunately, finding time to read is the biggest problem for most people. Here are the top tips and tricks to get you to read more:

  1. Don’t make unrealistic reading plans

If you are not an avid reading aficionado, to begin with, it would be counterproductive to make a long reading list goal. You’re just setting yourself up for disaster. Don’t set reading goals that you cannot handle because this will only discourage and frustrate you. Instead, pin down attainable objectives like reading a book a month or reading ten pages in a day. When you don’t overextend yourself, you will see reading as less of a chore. It will be more enjoyable and not stressful to get into this habit. And when you’re having fun in the process, you can concentrate more and read more.

  1. Know when to quit

A lot of people say that quitters never win. While it may be true for some endeavors, it doesn’t hold for reading. When you are halfway through a book, and you can’t help but wonder why you are reading it, then you should stop. It happens to everyone. If you are dragging your feet to finish the book and no longer enjoy it, stop. Should you feel a book is not useful, put it down and read something else. Reading is a personal journey, so only you can decide when to let things go. Don’t waste your time on a book that you feel is not entertaining nor helping you out. When you quit while you’re ahead, you can have more time to read the stuff that makes your heart flutter.

  1. Pick up topics you enjoy

You have to pick up topics you enjoy because you’ll find it difficult to put it down. For example, if you enjoy self-help articles and books, you may pursue a collection of nonfiction releases. When you love what you are reading, you will be immersed in all the words. Even if the books are just for entertainment purposes like romance and mysteries, the point here is you still find happiness and enjoyment in reading all the words. There are no rules for reading lists, so pick biographies, topics on leadership, fantasies, business areas, etc. The more you read, the more educated and informed you will be.

  1. Make sure you have a ready book on standby

There will always be an opportunity to read, so make sure you have a ready book on standby. Whether it is an actual paperback or an ebook in your kindle or iBooks, you must have this within reach. If you aren’t driving, you can find time to read during your morning commute. You can also pick up a book while waiting for your meeting to start or during your lunch break. You’ll be amazed at how fast a line can go when you are reading a good book. Instead of wasting time doing nothing, reading articles and books are the better alternative. Carrying your favorite titles in your hand means you can access it when you have sudden free time. Every person gets the same 24 hours in a day, but it is how you use it that counts.

  1. Carve out time by doing a less important activity 

If you find yourself wasting time watching TV or mindlessly browsing your social media profiles, why not borrow that time to devote more time to reading. An hour or two a day will do you a world of good. Choosing to spend your time productively with reading will not only increase your vocabulary and knowledge, but it will help you become more focused. When you can master the fine art of concentration, it will influence the other areas of your life. You will improve logical thinking, and you will find yourself more focused on the office work to accomplish your tasks in no time.

Final Wrap Up

This list of tips is not even exhaustive, and there are many other tricks out there that can motivate you to read more. Remember, reading is not a contest. It is a worthwhile pursuit that will help you grow as a person. Apart from increasing your vocabulary and knowledge, reading constantly will eventually help you articulate what you want to say and express your thoughts. Words indeed have power, and they are at your disposal. All you have to do is pick up that book to empower yourself.