Casino tournaments are gaining in popularity. If you are going to be wagering money on casino games anyway, you might as well have a punt, right? Where do Bitcoin casino tournaments come into the mix, though? Do these run in the same way as conventional casino competitions, and how likely are you to land a win betting with BTC in casino tournaments? As ever, we are here to explain all with our brief guide on Bitcoin casino tournaments.

Flexible Games Increase Your Odds

One of the best ways to ensure that you stand a fair shot of winning with Bitcoin casino games is to play those tournaments that feature many titles. As you will be aware, some Bitcoin slots pay better than others. If the tournament’s objective is to receive points based on how much you win, you are going to want to play the best paying BTC slots. Therefore, always look for tournaments that include virtually all major games, not just a select few.

Know Your Onions

You should only ever play in Bitcoin casino game tournaments that feature titles that you know and are familiar with. These will most likely be the games that you are comfortable betting on. You do not want to risk your balance gambling on games you either do not like or do not know how to play. There are plenty of BTC-friendly casino games out there, so you can afford to be picky about the tournaments you join.

Avoid Deposit-Based Tournaments

Our advice would be never to play in Bitcoin casino tournaments where you earn points based on what you deposit. These are, in short, a rip-off. You will be unlikely to deposit more than high rollers and attempting to do so will cost a fortune. Moreover, you seldom win very much with these tournaments anyway. We would avoid deposit-based Bitcoin casino tournaments every time.

What About BTC Table Game Tournaments?

If you are not a fan of Bitcoin slots and you prefer table games, then we would recommend Bitcoin casino tournaments that are based on RNG (random number generator) games rather than live dealer ones. Live dealer games have strict betting windows, which can put you under pressure. However, with RNG table game tournaments, you can take your time and even refer to strategy guides and charts, such as Basic Strategy for blackjack. This will allow you to get an edge when betting in Bitcoin tournaments.

Do All Bitcoin Casinos Offer Tournaments?

Not all Bitcoin casinos offer tournaments to their players. Many do, but some either offer prize draws instead or do not support tournaments. We would not recommend getting involved in prize draws as the winners are drawn at random. Similarly, we would stay away from tournaments that do not interest you. However, if the criteria for entering a Bitcoin casino tournament or prize draw are the same as you would typically fulfill anyway when you play, why not have a punt?