The world of the VIP is inaccessible to the vast majority of us, but it nevertheless intrigues us and, perhaps, fills us with a sense of longing. If you are a high roller – a whale – you can turn up at a Las Vegas casino and expect to be treated like royalty. Nothing is truly free, of course, and you end up paying the casino in some form, but the perks and VIP treatment seem to make all the lavish expenditure worthwhile.

The online casino industry and the land-based one aren’t exactly direct competitors, but there has always been a desire for the former to build itself into an industry that replicates the latter. Almost everything that happens in a real casino can occur in an online one, with perhaps the exception of the complimentary drinks and hotel suites.

Of course, one area where that desire for replication has reached fruition is in the wide range of live dealer games now found at online casinos. Roulette, blackjack, poker and other games streamed from vast studios allow for the real casino experience to come to life through a computer or smartphone.

But can luxury truly be replicated online? If you enter the Empathy Suite at The Palms – one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious hotel suites, designed by Damian Hirst – it is surely a world away from even the most high-rolling online experience.

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Online Perks Surprising

Online casinos, of course, try their best to bring luxury gaming to your home: For example, offers premium tables, but it’s not as if it can give you a suite for the night with original artwork by renowned artists adorning the walls.

Yet, those online sites can whip out the perks when it is necessary. It’s worth remembering that many online casino sites have similar maximum betting limits to the top casinos in Vegas and elsewhere. Most of the games have the same house-edge and strategies, so it is certainly within the purview of an online casino to offer some luxury.

Indeed, those perks of online casinos usually revolve around one area that every high roller understands – cash. If you become a VIP player at an online casino, you are likely to receive cashback on the money you spend, better bonuses and better rates of return from things like loyalty points. The rewards can be huge, with top players receiving thousands of dollars in perks each month.

Outside of the cash incentives, there are other simple things an online casino site can do to snag a whale: They can offer bigger betting limits; faster withdrawals; personal account managers can organize special live tables. Basically, all the things that a savvy casino manager would do when one of their favorite high rollers comes to town.

Last, of all, the online sites sometimes strive to get the VIP players stuff that “money can’t buy”. Entry to high roller poker tournaments in a place like Las Vegas, hospitality tickets for the Super Bowl or Premier League games.

Yet, as we mentioned earlier, the two industries are not exactly in direct competition with each other, and, of course, ownership of casino sites and resorts often overlaps. It’s therefore not altogether necessary that an online casino replicates the luxury perks of VIP service in a real casino. They can’t offer you a suite for the night as you play, but the perks a high roller can get online certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.