Gambling is the most popular entertainment industry in English-speaking countries, so a lot of terms used in casino games come from the English language. Very often, English is the only language allowed at the table (especially in poker). Also, not all online casinos have a necessary language version, but the English version will be 100% provided. However, even for native speakers, not all the words will be clear. That’s why we recommend learning some of the most useful phrases and definitions that you can find in casinos, movies, or while reading gambling manuals.


This is usually an amount of money awarded to a player by the casino for promotional purposes. A bonus may be provided to encourage a gambler to start playing, register at an online casino, make a first deposit or return to play after a break. Bonuses can also be in the form of motivation to play more intensively, move to higher stakes or involve in the loyalty program. However, new players are not forced to activate bonuses: if you are interested in ArgoCasino, you can click to try demo mode in Canada or to read reviews of this casino in more detail.

Here are the most popular forms of bonuses:

  • First Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus – this is a reward given when the first real money deposit is made to a player’s account;
  • Reload Bonus – a reward given to the player for the next deposit, usually used as an incentive to play again or return to the casino;
  • Loyalty Bonus – a reward is given for active play over some time;
  • Free Bet, Lucky Chip – this is an incentive bonus. As a rule, small amounts are awarded individually to a player to test the form of play or bets that they have not used yet. Typically, this is an amount that cannot be withdrawn but only lost or multiplied by playing at the casino.


This is a mandatory bet in card games to start the round. In Stud poker, the ante is the initial pot bet required to receive your cards. During poker tournaments, the ante is an additional blind placed by each player on each hand. For example, “Blind level 200/400 ante 50” means the small blind is 200, the big blind is 400, and this is what the players to the left of the dealer pay for the hand. Besides, each player puts 50 in the pot – including the players with the small and large blinds.


This is a certain amount of money allocated by the player to gambling. This can be also a total amount available in the long term for a game or a specific amount available at any given time, with which a player can take advantage of the game. A professional gambler defines a bankroll as an amount intended only for the game, the loss of which does not affect the overall financial situation. In the case of professional gamblers, this is a variety of one-time capital and not all their life assets. You can follow the game of professional players and find out their bankrolls immediately.


This is an amount of cash exchanged for chips before playing at the table (blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, etc.). In poker, the term “buy-in” also applies to the amount needed to participate in the tournament (entry fee). The buy-in in such a situation consists of the main amount, which goes to the tournament pool, and the fee (commission) for the casino or the organizer of the game. The amount of buy-in may be limited depending on the stakes (blinds) at the table. For example, in Texas Hold’em No Limit, with stakes of $0.05 – $0.10, the minimum buy-in is $2 (20 times more than the big blind) and the maximum buy-in is $10 (100 times more than the big blind).


The basic form of “currency” in a casino, which is used to play and bet. Chips can be purchased at the casino’s cash desk or the dealer’s table, and after the game is over, you can change it back to cash at the cash desk. In most land-based casinos, you can also pay for your chips by credit card, just like in online casinos.


This is the term most often used in online casinos and slot machines. Credit is the basic unit of a bet that can be placed in one game. If the credit’s value in a casino or slot machine is higher than zero, it means that someone has left funds for the game or has not finished the game. Make sure you can play this slot with your credits!


The term is used in the so-called Martingale system, which means doubling the bet after a loss to recover from losses and win. It is also used in tournament poker when playing all-in when in the case of a win, players double their chips.


It may apply to games against other players (e.g. poker), where the edge is considered to be better knowledge of the game statistics, stronger psyche, better seat at the table, etc. Concerning games against the casino, the term “house edge” is used. It is an advantage percentage that the casino has over the player as a result of the game. The edge varies from game to game and is usually between 0.5 and 5% in favor of the casino. In some games, such as blackjack or video poker, the player can reduce the house edge by making better decisions and playing according to the so-called basic strategy.


A slang word in poker used for a player who often loses due to the lack of skill. A very common epithet in online poker that can you hear when you lose a hand with your opponent’s weak hand.


This is an annoying small-sum player who expects to be treated like a big deal, counting on privileges and bonuses from the casino.


In Texas Hold’em or Omaha, the flop is the first three common cards dealt by the dealer on the table. The flop is then followed by a fourth card (the turn) and a fifth card (the river). All five common cards on the table are board.


This is a very common term in the poker literature, with two meanings: specific cards that the player received in the hand; everything that happens at the poker table between the next card shuffling.


A high-stakes player, a rich man who gets special privileges and special treatment in the casino because of it.


This is an additional bet offered to the player in blackjack when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace and he has a higher chance of getting a blackjack. If the dealer does have blackjack, the insurance pays 1:1, if not, the player loses the sum of the insurance bet.


This is a popular form of promotion, i.e., a very large win, which accumulates as a result of transferring one type of small amount to a common pool from each bet on slot machines. The longer no one hits the jackpot, the greater the payout – so it is the equivalent of an accumulation in lotteries or other public lotteries. It is worth noting that in many cases, you must play at the highest stakes or maximum lines of the slot machine. In the most popular online casinos, the accumulated jackpot is usually hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars!


A technique used by experts in blackjack in land-based casinos. It involves remembering the amount of all cards dealt, which helps to determine the probability of coming cards, and as a result, adjust the number of bets accordingly and increase your chances of winning.


This is a line with symbols in slots guaranteeing the payment of the winnings on each reel from left to right. In most slot machines, we can determine how many active pay lines we want to bet in one spin of the reels of the slot. Classic slots had only one central straight line on which the pictures were arranged, modern slots have many different lines.


Random Number Generator – is the heart of every online casino. This is a complicated algorithm (computer program) that is responsible for the total randomness of the cards played, roulette numbers, combinations of pictures on slot machines, etc. Advanced RNGs guarantee fair play and in good online casinos, their results and operation are controlled by independent, external auditing companies like eCOGRA.


This is a slot machine symbol that guarantees a win even if it is not on the winning line. As a rule, the winning is a bonus round, free spins, or other extra rewards of the slot machine. The minimum number of “scattered” symbols is three.

In Conclusion

If you are a beginner in gambling, we recommend you pay attention to details that often affect the outcome of your session. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the rules of the games offered by the casino before playing for real money. The above-mentioned vocabulary will help you to feel comfortable during the game and not get lost in a variety of unfamiliar terms. Enjoy the game!