Keeping your indoor cats healthy can be very challenging. Your cat may be cute and cuddly, but it’s difficult to keep them healthy, especially since they live indoors all the time. In General, cats are natural hunters and curious, so they get bored easily. That can create a problem, like when they tear off your curtain to get a better view of your living room or scratch your leather sofa.

You have to understand the basic needs of cats, then only you can raise a healthy pet. To get all the basic things for your cats, you must visit

You have to learn how to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. If you inculcate your cat with daily good habits, they will live healthy and happy. Your pet will receive the love and care they deserve from you if you follow these tips.

Groom your cat every day:

Your cat will benefit greatly if you brush your cat regularly. Brushing regularly improves the blood circulation resultant in shiny lustrous and healthy fur for your cats. Brushing or combing regularly helps in removing dead hair from his coat so that he doesn’t swallow it while self-grooming.

Due to self-grooming cats develop hairballs in the digestive tract. That can be avoided if you brush your cat regularly. To keep your cats clean, you can bathe them once in a while. For that, you have to train your cat to be cooperative while taking a bath. To bathe your cat, you should use lukewarm water and shampoo which is designed for cats only.

Make Sure To Provide Animal-Based Protein Food:

Cats are naturally carnivorous. Unlike dogs, they cannot be vegetarian or omnivorous. So their main meal of the day must be meat, as it is the foundation of their diet. You must feed your cat only animal-based protein. Cats having a hard time digesting plant-based protein.

Also, have a check on your cat food’s nutrition level to make sure that it contains meat. You can also add a small amount of home-cooked chicken, tuna fish to your cat’s diet. Don’t feed your cat too much dry food, try to add some moisture to it. Dry food contains very little water or moisture. After the meal, if the cat is unable to find the water bowl, then this can create a serious issue like a kidney stone or kidney failure.

Provide Fresh Water:

Fresh and clean water plays an essential role in a cat’s good health. Today’s domestic cats are completely different from their ancestors. Cats are bound to get most of their water from food. So you shouldn’t give a cat so much dry food.

Make sure that your cat has access to fresh water all the time. Make sure to fill your cat’s water bowl every day with fresh water. Whenever you feed your cat make sure that you place a water bowl next to the food bowl so your cat can drink and eat at the same time.

As you know that cat gets their water requirements fulfilled by the food they eat. So they drink some water to get help for digestion. Every day, you must empty the old water and refill it with new freshwater.

Make Sure To Provide Plenty of Litter Boxes:

The basic thumb rule for providing a litter box is one for each cat plus one more. In case you have two cats, you should set up three litter boxes. And if you have three cats, you should set up four litter boxes.

The placement of the litter box is very important. Don’t keep the litter box in basements or dark corners. Cats don’t like to use the litter box which is placed out of the way. So place the litter box in a clean, open, quiet, and well-lit area.

Any corner of your living room can be a good idea. Make sure to keep the litter box clean. That means scoop the box at least once a day. Every month the entire litter box should be cleaned with detergent and water. Avoid using a disinfectant, they can be poisonous to your cats.

Visit Your Vet Regularly:

Find out a cat-friendly vet in your area. If you visit any vet, you will find the waiting room is dominated by dog’s clientele and that can be scary for cats. You should find a vet who has separate waiting areas for cats and dogs. So cats don’t panic while waiting for their turn.

Identifying the cat’s potential problems requires special skills and vets are specially trained for that. To keep your cat healthy, visiting the vet is an essential part. So at least once a year take your cat to the vet for a checkup.

Final Take Away:

It’s the myth that going outside is an obligation for cats’ health and happiness. You can easily satisfy their stalking instincts by playing with them and provide toys for their entertainment. It also keeps them energetic and provides them exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. This will make them stay indoors and it will help in keeping local wildlife safe!

Having a cat as a pet, it’s just like having a baby. It is a responsibility. Until and unless you are mentally ready for the responsibility, don’t have it