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Over its 60-year history, the Eurovision song contest has allowed multiple music artists to present their hit songs to the world. Hosted in the country of the previous winner, the Eurovision contest attracts artists and crowds from all over Europe (with Australia included), entertaining the world on about 75 different broadcasting stations and attracting international attention.

This year’s contest was as magnificent as usual and very much needed. The contest started on Tuesday the 10th of May 2022 and continued until Saturday the 14th. Check out our favorite hits from Eurovision.

The Kalush Orchestra- ‘Stefania’ from Ukraine

According to research from Betway, Ukraine remains one of the top 10 winners.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra was by far a popular favorite. The costumes, the dashing performance, and the wonderful stage presence wowed crowds, viewers, and betters worldwide. Although many agree that some other countries did better song-wise, the Kalush orchestra already won the hearts of many.

It is said that the song – Stefania was originally an ode to Oleh Psiuk’s mother but has evolved to take on a life of its own. According to the band members, the folkloric pop and rap song was presented not just to entertain the public but to lift spirits. Most believe that this Ukrainian band appealed to many because of recent happenings in their country. Nonetheless, their performance was terrific!

Sam Rider – ‘Spaceman’ from the United Kingdom

Considering the fact that the United Kingdom appeared at the very bottom in last year’s contest, their performance this year was quite impressive. Based on viewer reactions, it’s clear the UK’s Sam Rider clearly did not come to play.

In previous years, UK contestants were believed to be unserious and careless with preparations for the competition. So viewers hardly ever expect much effort from them. Popular social media star Sam Rider definitely changed the narrative this year with his rendition of his hit song, ‘Spaceman.’

Cornelia Jakobs – ‘Hold me closer’ from Sweden

Sweden’s explosive performance was no surprise to viewers; they’ve always come prepared for the contest. Cornelia Jakobs represented the Norwich country with her song ‘hold me closer’ – an electro-pop heartbreak ballad. 

The six-time Eurovision winner had a good chance of winning this year, as scores showed they had made it to the third position in terms of votes and betting odds even before the finals. Music critics all over Europe have good things to say about Jakobs number, stating that it’s a refreshing switch from the usual polished Swedish performances.

Mahmood and Blanco – ‘Brivildi’ from Italy

Mahmood and Blanco’s Brividi (shivers) literally sent shivers through our spines. Mahmood, who is practically a Eurovision veteran, finished as runner-up in 2019 and decided that he isn’t done serving us great hits. He really has come back with a bang.

Mahmood and his partner relatively had a leg up owing to their win at the Sanremo music festival in Italy. Aside from their genuinely amazing performance, the exposure they received from their win helped them a whole lot in terms of votes.

Chanel – ‘SloMo’, from Spain

Another special performance came from Cuban-born actress and singer – Chanel with her reggaeton-themed song, SloMo. Chanel’s solo was a breath of fresh air for everyone. After hearing the regular pop, rap, hip hop, and folkloric sounds, her upbeat song lifted the mood and gained approval from viewers.

This former backup dancer to Superstar Shakira showcased her dancing skills and won all our hearts. There were numerous impressive performances this season, and the list would not be complete without including Spanish artist Chanel.