Last year was pretty interesting for the beauty industry, and even more so for the way that we see and interact with celebrities. As in-person interviews were replaced with video calls, we got to see our favorite actors and singers up close in a way that we never had before. Without the armies of stylists, makeup artists, and hairstylists, many showed their faces makeup-free and with their greys starting to show.

No wonder then that cosmetic treatment trends for 2021 focus on the face. The goal is to look fresh and healthy with minimal makeup, especially in this age of mask-wearing. People want to look good all the time, as they may have to transition from playing at new online casinos in Canada like the ones at, directly to a work video call. Another consequence of video calling is that we have all had ample time to contemplate our own faces, and many of us have decided that now is the time to get some tweaks. Here we take a look at which cosmetic procedures are going to be the most popular in 2021, according to the experts.

The eyes have it

The eyes are one of the primary focal features of a face, but that has only been magnified by the wearing of masks. In many cases, the eyes are all anyone can see – so it’s important that they make a good impression. Brow lifts will be in demand this year, as well as small lifts to the outer edge of the eye to achieve a youthful look.

Botox is still in

Cosmetic practitioners have really refined the way that they use Botox, and it remains a popular treatment. The trick now is to use less, in targeted areas, so that faces retain their natural movement and don’t get that frozen look. It also has uses beyond the smoothing of wrinkles – for example, it can treat facial redness, alleviate hyperhidrosis, and reduce large pores.

Skin-rejuvenating injectables

Several of these non-invasive skin treatments are now available and proving very popular. Some work by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin to create an overall more youthful look. Known as mesotherapy, they are much less invasive than fillers and very popular as a first introduction to cosmetic treatments.

Non-surgical facelifts

Small treatments using fillers in targeted areas have replaced more invasive surgical facelifts almost entirely. Injections into the temple or hairline can lift the whole face while targeting the jawline can reduce jowls. More intense treatments include radiofrequency procedures, which require a few days of recovery but still involve no surgery.

Liquid nose jobs

Surgical facelifts may have been practically replaced by less drastic means, but the same cannot be said for rhinoplasty. For any significant change to the shape of a nose – reduction in size, straightening, etc. – surgery is the only option. However, a liquid nose job can help to balance and harmonize the proportions of the face without going under the knife. Fillers are used in the nose and chin areas to create symmetry without the trauma and extensive recovery time associated with a traditional nose job.

Skin treatments for a beach body

Even cosmetic practitioners are getting behind the body positivity movement. Experts stress that the solutions they offer are all about restoring self-confidence as we move towards summer. The most common issues are stretch marks and cellulite, which can be tackled in a variety of ways including radiofrequency treatment. These procedures do involve some recovery time, so they tend to be more popular during the winter months when affected skin can be covered with clothing.