It all happened after my husband retired six years ago. Both our children were married and settled in different parts of the world—our son went to the US, and our daughter started her boutique business in Australia. We were both delighted to have done our duties as parents. Cuemath helped us fulfill our responsibilities as contributing members of society as well. The satisfaction I get from it is unparalleled and prompted me to write this Cuemath review.

I had taken early retirement from my banking job, and post my husband’s retirement, we realized we had a lot of time on our hands. Our children insisted we relax at this age and forcibly got us a maid and a cook to care for all our needs. While they did it with the right intent and out of love for us, it left me with a lot of time to kill. After working all our lives, sitting completely idle was something we did not enjoy. My daughter suggested we identify something we would want to do that doesn’t require much commitment. Almost instantly, we both came to the same conclusion—teaching math!

My husband was a math teacher for 40 years, and I am also very passionate about the subject. My job always required me to use math on a daily basis and seeing my husband derive so much joy out of teaching all his life, I was drawn to it too. That’s when we started looking for a part-time math teaching job and came across Cuemath.

I was initially excited, but unsure of my capabilities as a teacher. I mean, I know math, but teaching it to kids is a different task altogether. My husband assured me he would help, and also the teacher-onboarding training by the Cuemath team gave me a lot of confidence. I still remember my first day. I went to a teaching center which was a 10-minute walk from my house. There were three students—Amy, Jack & Andrew, all with an adorable smile and a ton of questions. I had a wonderful class and came back beaming with this newfound love!

Six years later, I have 42 students, and I still smile every time I see them!

Why Cuemath?

I think what works for me at Cuemath is their core value of treating math as a life skill rather than just as a subject taught at school. The team at Cuemath was clear on the fact that instead of solving the problems for students, they want us to encourage the kids to arrive at the answers themselves, That itself is such a massive change from the traditional approach. In fact, in most of my classes, it is the students who solve all problems. I guide them in the right direction & help only when needed.

As I write this Cuemath review, another feature that stands out for me is their LIVE 1:1 classes. In regular school, It is tough to keep track of students’ progress in the class as there are one too many students. However, with one-on-one classes, all my attention is focused on that particular student for the entire duration of the class, and that makes the session much more fruitful. I am personally able to help each student identify his/her weak areas. Some students struggle with a particular concept, while others fly through them. So, the personalized learning plan for each student is great. There is no peer pressure on students to go ahead with mastering a topic. The plan is customized specifically for each student according to their strengths and weaknesses.

The Cuemath Team & methodology

The young team at Cuemath, led by the highly dedicated Manan Khurma, is professional and courteous. I feel the compensation is more than generous. They are passionate and dedicated to their goal of bringing out the natural math ability of students by constantly coming up with new methods and tools to improve the learning experience. The ones that mainly work for me are puzzles, games, and brain teasers. They bring out the fun side of math, which is extremely important as many students fear the idea of math more than the subject itself.

Cuemath app is another value addition as it allows students to practice and improve their skills any time of the day. Their worksheets are also a fabulous way to revise and get concept clarity. The Monthly Progress Reports allow both parents and students to track their growth at a micro-level. The Cuemath approach has helped most of my students develop a love for learning and get better at other subjects too. Seeing my students attempt problems and reach solutions independently brings me immense joy!

Why a Cuemath review?

My son, who is a professor in the US, was particularly impressed with Cuemath’s impact on my life and encouraged me when I told him I am going to write a Cuemath review. I am not a writer per se, but the thought of writing a Cuemath review made me realize that people need to know about it. There are thousands of platforms out there to choose from for parents, and I can only say that Cuemath is right there at the top.

More than a Cuemath review, this is my thank you note to the good folks there. I am extremely lucky to have found something at this age that gives me happiness and satisfaction from the comfort of my home. And the fact that I contribute to brightening the future of kids every day is a cherry on top!