Chicago is an incredibly lively city that almost everyone has heard of.  From the fantastic culture to delicious food and interesting people, you’ll feel welcomed and seen from the moment you arrive.  Each of these neighborhoods is a wonderful place to enjoy the scenery and start a life for yourself.

Make sure you research thoroughly before you move; some areas do have their rough sides.

Lincoln Park

Marked as one of the safest areas to live in the city, Lincoln Park is a neighborhood named after a massive beautiful park.  This area is key for anyone who loves shopping and wants fun drinks with friends in a safe environment.  The average apartments for rent in Chicago sit at $1,943, but this area is a little cheaper, at $1,846 per month.

West Loop

If you consider yourself a foodie and want to enjoy the best bites you can find in Chicago, you have to make it to the West Loop.  Although the apartments and housing are more expensive out here, the food is delicious, and there are enough restaurants that you’ll never run out of options to pick from. Of course, this is the most expensive part of the city to buy a house in, but you can enjoy the incredible food if you don’t mind the cost.

Wicker Park

Although this neighborhood has a rough reputation for being dangerous, it’s the 100th most dangerous out of 275 communities.  Because of this scare, though, a lot of the housing is generally affordable, with some places ranging as low as $145,000.  Unfortunately, this neighborhood has a huge range, and some gentrified streets have properties as expensive as 2.5 million dollars.  If you’re on a budget, avoid the more expensive streets.


If you want beautiful water views, delicious food, and generally close to hiring industries: Lakeview is the place for you.  This neighborhood has reasonably priced housing, is low on crime, and is extremely popular for young professionals who are just starting.  Even if you don’t work near the Lakeview area, it’s still easy to get to since the Red, Purple, and Brown lines all run through the neighborhood.  This means you can make it to work through public transit without worries.

River North

River North is a popular place to live for those who love art and design.  This area has endless art galleries and museums, murals on every street, and beautiful architecture.  Although the prices have been rising wildly here, the homes are generally more spacious than other areas and have something for everyone.  The crime rate is relatively low here, so when anything does happen, there’s mass panic and news coverage about it.  Don’t let this scare you away, though!  It’s still in the top thirty safest areas in the city.

There’s no city as incredible as Chicago.  From the beautiful art community to the endless scenery and beautiful people, you’ll feel at home getting to know this area.  Although it can be expensive, shopping around can help you find plenty of places anyone could afford.