There is an age-long argument about which windows are best for installation in different rooms of the house. And while it largely depends on your personal preferences, the installation of an inappropriate unit may lead to decreased comfort and even troubles with health. There are many factors to consider when installing a particular unit – ventilation, daylight, energy efficiency, etc. Moreover, there are too many window styles to choose from, so it might be challenging for you to make a final decision.

That is why our team has conducted vast market research and concluded that Ecoline Double-Hung windows are the middle ground for many Canadians. This article will elaborate on the pros and cons of these units and where they will fit best to complement your house design and bring additional comfort. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

A double-hung window is a type of window with two operable sashes, opening both up and down. Canadians love double-hung windows because they are easy to clean and super straightforward for opening and closing.

However, despite offering a few benefits, certain restrictions are associated with installing a double-hung window in your home. Such limits include space, accessibility, maintenance, etc.

Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows – What’s to Go With?

A single-hung window, like the double-hung window, also has two sashes. However, unlike the latter, the former only has one operable sash – the lower sash, while the upper sash is fixed.

Typically, a double-hung window would allow more ventilation than a single-hung unit. However, single-hung windows are the best fit for tight spaces and relatively cost less to maintain.

And while you may choose the one you like, it is essential to know where to install hung windows within your house. An incorrect place for installation may lead to constant trouble with cleaning, opening/closing, energy efficiency, leakage, etc. So keep reading!

Best Places for Double-Hung Windows in The Home 

As mentioned earlier, a significant advantage of double-hung windows is the flexibility of use, allowing you to choose which of the sashes to open, whether bottom or top. Typically, double-hung windows can be installed anywhere in your home. This largely contributes to their popularity among Canadians since these units can complement any house design.

Below are the best places you should consider installing a double-hung window in your house:

1. Living Room

Installing double-hung units in a living room would be a great design idea, but mainly if you go with a combination of windows here. For example, a picture window in the center for a great unobstructed view outside and energy efficiency, and double-hung windows on its side for optimal ventilation.

2. Bathroom

If you need optimal ventilation in your bathroom but still need a considerable level of privacy, then you should think about installing a double-hung window in the bathroom. For privacy, you can keep the lower sash of the window shut and open the upper sash.

3. Children Room

Safety is an essential concern in children’s rooms. The double-hung window ensures safety and privacy in your kids’ room without alienating cross-ventilation. With only the top sash opened, you can ensure the safety of your kids in the room, preventing an intruder from entering the room.

4. Laundry Room

Double-hung windows are installed in the laundry room to ensure proper ventilation.

5. Kitchen

Homeowners will have great control over air circulation because double-hung units can be opened from the top or the bottom. Moreover, you can open them as little or as much as you prefer.

Pros And Cons of Double-Hung Windows


Undoubtedly, double-hung windows offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Double-hung windows are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They provide maximum ventilation due to the movable top and bottom sashes.
  • Double-hung windows are energy efficient.
  • They significantly contribute to home privacy.
  • They have various installation methods and types.
  • Double-hung windows have varying sizes, depending on your specifications.
  • Properly installed double-hung windows increase the value of your home.


While double-hung windows may offer immense advantages, there are also inevitable setbacks associated with this window type:

  • Double-hung windows are relatively expensive compared to other types of windows, especially single-hung windows.
  • Double-hung windows aren’t always airtight.
  • Due to privacy, double-hung windows may be limited as you would want to cover at least half of the window.

Get The Right Installation 

Okay, you have read this, so you are now aware of most of the pros, cons of double-hung windows and the best places for them. What comes next? Of course, a correct installation and reliable window company. Even the best units will not bring you the comfort you need if they are installed poorly. We strongly recommend you avoid a DIY approach here and hire a professional window company/installer who will take care of your new windows and install them correctly. When looking for a great company to deal with, make sure to:

  • Check the reviews online and offline. For this, go to special sites like HomeStar and read what people say about this particular installer – what project a company had, how they performed, and what rating obtained. In addition, we recommend asking your friends and family for recommendations. In this industry, word of mouth would be your best friend.
  • Ask for all the details regarding your project. What company can offer, how they are going to deal with the measurements, and which units will work best for your house? Ask as many details as possible.
  • Check that your window company follows the CSA guidelines and your local building code.
  • Buy only Energy Star-rated products. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and overall comfort for many years to come.
  • Make a market analysis and find out several window companies to compare what they offer. Sometimes, it would be prudent to avoid the cheapest and the most expensive products. Always try to go with the middle ground that will work best for your house. Weight all the factors and choose the windows and companies that will maximize value for a reasonable price.