Living as a single person has its perks. You are free to pursue your interests and hobbies, learn how to enjoy your company, and appreciate the fine moments of solitude. However, a time will come when you may want to share your life with someone else and this requires you to date. You will have to meet other people and get to know them. Success in the dating field depends on many things and in this article, we share some dating advice that ladies can use to meet their prince charming and building healthy and worthwhile relationships.

Be yourself

You have probably heard this a million times, but it is still one of the most important things you need to do to make your dating experience a success. From the first interaction with the guy, you are seeing just be yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you are not as this can lead to frustrations later on. If you don’t like partying, don’t pretend that you do just to impress your date. This is because your date may take you up on your party-loving offer and invite you to a rave over the weekend. You will be forced to sit through hours of loud music, drugs, and intricate light shows, and since this is not your vibe, you will be bored the entire time, and the two of you will not have a good time. You both lose. So, just be yourself. Be relaxed and let your date love you as you are.

Know your non-negotiables

These are the deal breakers that instantly tell you that this guy is not for you and you need to move on. The key to a successful relationship is to admire the person you are dating and you will not be able to do that if they have character traits that you loathe. It could be the way they treat people at the restaurant you are dining. It could be the fact that they are smokers and have seen a relative succumb to lung cancer, you vowed never to date a smoker in your life. When setting your non-negotiables, however, try not to factor in financial and physical attributes as these can change. Focus on the personality type, character traits, and value systems.

Don’t hide your interest or enthusiasm

As a lady, you may have been told to play hard to get and never to let a guy know that you like him. Of course, some mystery can be sexy when the relationship is new, but it wears off fast. At a certain stage, you will have to let the man know that you are interested, and you can do this by sending direct text messages to a guy. You could make the text a little bit suggestive to show how confident you are about sex, and this will drive the guy crazy.

Have fun

Above everything else, have fun! Relax and enjoy every moment. Don’t be too nervous and leave your past hurtful dating experiences behind when spending time with the new guy. Order what you love, laugh and talk about the things that make you happy.