While playing poker online, you must have been in a dilemma whether to participate in poker tournaments or show your skills in cash games. Even aspiring poker pros rack their brains to decide whether to focus on a poker tournament, freeroll or cash game poker to decide their strategy. There are different formats to play poker online and you can choose to select one and be profitable with your hard work and dedication.

The three main formats of playing poker are freerolls, cash games, and tournaments. Let’s understand the pros and cons of each one of them for better understanding:

  • Freerolls: As the name suggests, freeroll tournament is a tournament where there is no entry fee and you can play the game to win exciting prizes. There is no need to use your play chips or any amount to enter the tournament. Freeroll tournaments are generally recommended to new players so that they can get some tourney experience and at the same time learn about the competitive environment. It provides a good learning ground to the novice players who want to experience the feel of the tournament pressure. Those who don’t want to invest any money in joining a poker table and want to play around a bit, then freerolls are the best option.
  • Cash Games: In cash poker games, players usually exchange money for chips. There is a buy-in amount that can vary depending on the stakes. There is a minimum buy in to get started in the game as well as maximum buy-in. The blinds are also static in cash games. In case you lose your chips in a cash game, there is a possibility of buying-in again and continue playing. There is no time limit and you can enter and exit the game whenever you want.
  • Poker Tournaments: In tournaments, players are required to register first to enter in the tournament. Every player starts with the same amount of chips and the blinds escalate at regular intervals in tournaments. You should have an adequate amount of time in hand in case you decide to make a deep run. Your goal is to win the chips of every opponent at the table. Some tournaments may even require to you play for hours and hours. If you are looking for a steady cash flow, then cash games are the way to go. But if you want to experience insane variance, without any second thoughts, partake in tournaments.

Before joining high roller tables or tourneys, make sure to practice with free practice games available online. In the end, no other player should know your skillset better than you. Play card games online at Adda52 in a safe and secure environment and become a poker pro!