Undoubtedly, biking is one of the healthiest ways of commuting. The public recognises the physical and mental advantages of biking on a regular basis. Biking regularly strengthens a person’s immune system, enhances their physical fitness, and strengthens their ability to deal with stress. These benefits result in a healthy and happier lifestyle, especially for employees. To motivate your employees to commute using their bicycles, you’ll need to install bike shelters within your company. That way, you will help minimise their carbon footprint and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Bike shelters are instrumental when it comes to storage. Alongside washrooms, secure shelters are important for employees who want to commute to work by bike. Upon arriving at the place of work, being in a position to secure a parking area is highly significant and companies that make it their priority to offer spacious bike shelters are held in high regard by their employees.

You can hire professionals to help you plan how you are going to build your bike shelter. Companies such as Barriers Direct have everything you need for bike security such as the bike stand, wall-mounted bike rack, floor-mounted bike holders, gravity rack, and bike ceiling host. You can contact Barriers Direct to learn more about bike shelter and security.

Opportunities for Individuals and Businesses

From the perspective of the business, adding shelter for bicycles helps in freeing up space. Encouraging your staff to use their bikes when going to work will mean they’ll require less space as opposed to vehicle parking spaces. That way, your business will save both space and money and the employee will not be required to pay for the parking space. Additionally, if you want to improve the image of your company and get an ISO certification for your environmental management system, then you will need to install a bike shelter for your employees. Moreover, a decrease in the number of parking spaces within a business area can drive down costs which can be used in renovation or reinvestment.

Apart from that, changing commuter habits can bring about opportunities for people who are involved in planning and designing office sites. That way, job opportunities are created for people outside the business, which is a good thing when it comes to reducing the rate of unemployment among the youth.

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Installing the Shelter

When installing a bike shelter to the business premises, the company should promote such efforts to everyone by ensuring that the installation is done in a place that is visible and accessible by all the staff members. You can also include a sign which directs commuters to where the bike shelter is found. You will also need to assure your employees that their bikes are safe and secure. You can do this by installing surveillance systems and hiring security personnel. Once the employee realises that the shelter is safe, it will be easier for them to bike to work.

Final Word

Bike shelters are important in any work setting because they help with decongestion and reducing carbon footprint. Therefore, as a business, providing a secure shelter for the twenty-first-century commuter should be your number-one priority.