If you’ve ever wondered which of the Billboard Top 100 rap videos contains the highest value of material items, then look no further. We stumbled across the ‘Blingdex,’ put together by our friends at Betway, which essentially outlines which rapper is the music industry’s biggest spender within their music videos.

Top 10 Spenders

Lil Wayne wins this category by a wide margin. The tallied value of the cars, real estate, clothes, and jewelry in the music video for ‘Lollipop’ was estimated at an eye-watering £13,247,000.

Most costly categories

From the analyzed music videos, these are the categories that added the most value to the overall cost of the video. Interestingly, despite the constant barrage of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porches, it’s production costs that tally is higher than the vehicles, with real estate proving the king when it comes to big bucks.

The eyewatering £39 million spent on real estate brings us nicely onto analyzing which rapper spent the most on property. Image is everything; these four rap superstars know their locations speak just as loudly as their words.

50 Cent in the filming of Candy Shop rented out a large Hollywood mansion, Lil Wayne’s ‘lollipop’ was filmed at Poker star Gavin Maloof’s house in Vegas, ‘Lean Back’ by Terror Squad was filmed in a luxury townhouse in Los Angeles, and 21 Savage flew a film crew out to Atlanta for the video for ‘A lot’.

Pricey Whips

Pimped out rides make up 10% of the overall Betway Blingdex guide, the below four artists feature the most expensive vehicles.