Well, before you head towards any activity, you must be aware of all the facts it contains. And if that activity demands you to face the challenges, you can’t ignore a single thing about it. You must be aware of all the facts and necessary points about that particular game or anything.

And if you have invited your friends or colleagues to try one of the most exciting and challenging games, you should know everything about it in depth. Yes, I am talking about the Escape Room facts. This game is really interesting if players put in all their effort. But before you step forward, you must be aware of all its real facts. So, today we are going to apprise you of some of the facts of the escape room that you must know.

Facts About Escape Room

#Fact 1: Well, of course, you all must be eager to know from where did this exciting game originate. So, the first fact about the escape room is that the escape-style attractions first originated in Japan. Well, we all know, Japan is known for its quirky games, so it would not be wrong if we can expect that the first escape room challenge was created in this country.

#Fact 2: Though the idea of the game originated in Japan, Europe has actually led to an increased number of escape games. Europe supports the largest number of Escape Games that can be equal to three times of the games such as Entermission VR in the USA or the whole of Asia. As fast as these games are concerned, countries like the Netherlands, Estonia, Cyprus, and Hungary lead Europe.

#Fact 3: Well, no doubt, this game supports exciting challenges and makes it interesting for the players. So, this game supports growing demand, and people look for new challenges to try. Many new and different escape rooms games come across the UK that shows how people love participating in these games.

#Fact 4: Since the demand for these games is growing rapidly, not only the UK but many other countries like the USA, Australia, Dubai, and many more provide their citizens with the opportunity of playing these games. People in large numbers prefer these games with their friends, family, and colleagues.

#Fact 5: Well, different themes and new challenges are what makes this game exciting. Each game of escape room supports different themes and based on these themes, challenges are made. These games landed in the world for more than a decade, but different themes make them more exciting than before. Well, the most common and popularly known themes are prison escapes and zombie adventures.

#Fact 6: Well, the longest time that took place to solve the puzzle or to escape from the situation was for 3 hours in the Paradox Project in Greece. So, you might have now got an idea of how exciting and challenging this game would be.

Final Verdicts

Well, you can now, invite your friends and colleagues to try and accept the challenge of escape room games because now you are aware of it completely. You are now aware of all the must-known facts about the escape room.