For those of you who spend a great deal of time on the internet, undoubtedly, you have heard of VPN’s. This is an abbreviation for the virtual private network and this service acts as your own personal network IP which can exist anywhere in the world that you choose.

The main selling points of a VPN service are its security assets and its location setting assets. They both provide interesting and safe ways to browse the web and get the most out of the service. Though for those that are not too clued in on VPN services, or perhaps those that have tried the service and did not see what all the hype was about. There are so many great ways to use the service. So, we have compiled a list of five amazing things you can do with a VPN service. So, let us run you through the benefits of your own private network.

1. Browsing by Country

This is probably the best-known reason for using a VPN. For many of us, especially during this lockdown that we have been enduring, Netflix, Hulu, or Now, TV has been tapped for all its resources. Meaning that we have no more content to keep us entertained and sane during this pandemic.

Thankfully though, if you have a VPN service, the amount of content that you can access multiplies. Due to licensing agreements and legislation, many shows are landlocked to certain region’s streaming services. For example, if you reside in Germany and want to watch some American Netflix, all you have to do is connect to a VPN, sign up for Netflix, and start watching. It really is that simple. However, some services occasionally ban VPN-servers which is why it’s important to use a service that is constantly being updated. If you are unsure about which VPN to use in Germany, we recommend using a comparison site that has done all the research needed for you.

2. Faster Connection Speeds

Nothing is more irritating than watching a video and having it buffer, downloading a file, and having it do so at glacier speed or playing a game and suffering from constant latency issues. Although this can happen for several reasons, one that is quite common is bandwidth throttling. This is done by your internet service provider to control internet traffic and prevent congestion on their servers.

Though why should you suffer through slow connections like everyone else? You pay your Wi-Fi bill so you should have a constant and strong connection. Well, a VPN can help with this. With the ability to hide your IP address through encryption, meaning that your ISP cannot locate your internet access, you cannot control your traffic and for that reason, you are free to enjoy premium speeds without any interference.

3. Enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere securely

For many of those who purchase or use free versions of VPN services, often security is paramount to their satisfaction with the service. The VPN service is great at doing this within the home setting. However, many do overlook the fantastic security that VPN services provide when on the go. This is often through using phones and tablets in built-up areas to access public Wi-Fi.

These Wi-Fi services often warn users that they are not secure connections and many users can gain access to your credentials. Which in the wrong hands, can have devastating consequences. Though with a VPN service installed, you can use these public Wi-Fi channels without any worries. This is due to the smart encryption techniques these services use. So even if a hacker does find your connection it will be too hard to hack or decipher, allowing you to surf the web in peace and comfort.

4. Get the best prices

When you are shopping online with an IP address linked to your respective region, it can sometimes lead to being gauged at check out. Let us say you’re buying a nice perfume, a stylish shirt, or a slick new pair of shoes. They are designer brands and you expect to pay a good amount for the product. Though it may shock you to know, many retailers will bump up the price depending on where you are based. This is perhaps due to your country’s GDP and retailers assume you have a little more cash to throw around.

Well, there is a way to make sure you are getting the best deals and not being swindled by corporations. This is through VPN encryption. If you move your connection around the world as you can do so freely with a VPN service, you can shop around and get the best price possible for the product. So, do not let companies get one over on you. Get the best deals possible and help your money go further.

5. Share Your Opinion Freely

Staying with the theme of companies and they are nefarious actions. Many corporations have been known to do a shady deal or two, turn a blind eye to some horrible practices, and generally not act with a great deal of morality. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you wanted to go online to public forums and vent your rage and disgust. Though this can often lead to repercussions and legal action from the companies if you are not careful. This is where anonymity comes in handy.

Well, VPN services provide that through their ability to hide your credentials. Meaning that you are simply a faceless profile with no means of contact. This allows you to speak your mind freely, expose these companies for their wrongdoings, and sit back and admire your work with the peace of mind that a VPN provides.