There is a famous saying which reads, ‘With power comes great responsibility’ and when it comes to surfing online, this statement holds 100% truth. We all know the dark side of the internet and the potential harm it can do to young minds. As adults, we have been there and some of us may know how it feels to be exposed to all kinds of content available online, without having any adult to guide you about how to sift your way through the filth to the content which is intended for kids of younger ages.

Once children come of a certain age. they may enter into such domains. Until then, it is our duty as parents to guard our children against the dangers of unprotected online web exploration. We should not allow young curious minds to lurk around just anywhere on the internet just as we would not allow them to indulge into unsafe activities offline.

The process of vesting this power to young minds can take a toll on your nerves since you as a parent would want them to stay away from content consisting of graphic images, violent acts, nudity, and other dark content. But fret not, where there’s a will, there is a way and there is a way to protect your children from indulging in unhealthy activities online by simply installing the FamiSafe app.


What is FamiSafe About?

FamiSafe is an intelligent and interactive application developed by Wondershare. It uses many other software and programs to track, guard, block, protect, prevent, prohibit, limit, and stop harmful content from making its way to your child’s online space. No more need for jailbreaking into your kids’ devices. The FamiSafe app will take care of your children online so that you may be stress-free offline.

FamiSafe is all about ensuring parental controls over their kids’ online surfing. Easily available from app stores, it can be downloaded on both, Apple & Android smartphones. Better yet, it can be used to track multiple kids’ devices with a single account.

FamiSafe understands your need to guard your children against cybercrimes, bullying and harassment issues online. For this purpose, it uses software which works with your device’s location-tracking settings and together they keep a record of domains your child is visiting. If any alarming visit is found, the software intelligently updates their information systems on it, send feedback reports to their developers and block these sites and profiles on your kids’ device.

One such popular case was that of Cristalim where the predator was using YouTube and lurking young minds into his trap, at first asking them to send nudes and in the end pushing them to commit suicide. The FamiSafe app once recognized this account as unsafe, did not only get it blocked on kids’ devices but also launched a campaign to get this person blocked on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The FamiSafe app is a lifesaver for many parents. Its new-age technology helps parents keep track of their children’s whereabouts as well. Don’t worry if your kids got late coming back home from school. You can easily track their location form your device, monitor their sleep times, and also limit their screen times when you want.


FamiSafe also prevents your child from uninstalling it. Just in case your kid does not like being monitored and gets a little rebellious because all his teenage friends do stuff which you are trying to keep him from. The FamiSafe app comes to assist you out of this situation as well. It uses the Device Administrator permission you allow it to prevent the accidental or intentional uninstallation of the app.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Well, as a concerned parent, FamiSafe’s features have a lot to offer you. From Scrutinizing text messages to monitoring web content, blocking malicious software to protecting privacy online, removing addicting apps and games to tracking offline locations, limiting screen time to allowing healthy and purposeful online surfing, FamiSafe parental control app is the real deal you should be ready to invest some bucks on.

The Downside of Using This App

The only downside of using FamiSafe app is that your child might find it intruding and become resentful towards you for infiltrating in their private space. However, if you try to talk it out with and explain your need for protecting them, they might understand.