An employer generally thinks of hiring an employee rather than that of firing. But at times it becomes essential to terminate an employee. A termination letter is actually a kind of letter by which an employer notifies his employee that e or she has been fired from the company. A termination letter is sometimes called a pink slip, letter of separation, letter of termination, contract termination letter, a notice of termination, etc. An employer may need to terminate an employee because of many reasons such as layoffs, misbehavior, violation of the code of conduct, the poor performance of the employee, or for any other purposes. But whenever you terminate an employee it is very essential to send a termination letter to the employee that will help the employer to protect them in case any question arises or any legal issue encounters regarding the termination. Writing a termination letter is not a child’s play and everybody do not know what to write and what not in the termination letter. It is true that you may get some printable templates of termination letter on the Internet but those always do not fit your situation. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with a sample and some tips of writing the resignation letter.

Sample for writing a professional termination letter

The following is a standard sample of termination letter which most of the employer uses for termination their employee:

<Date of the Day when the termination letter will be sent>

Mr. <Name of the Employee>,

With this letter of termination, we regret to inform you that your employment with <Company Name> will end as of <last day of working>. The decision of the company is final and will not be modified.

We decide to terminate your employment because of the following reasons:

Due to the recent economic conditions, there has been a significant downturn in sales due to which it becomes necessary to reduce 20 percent of the workforce at <Company Name>. Unfortunately, your position is also a part of this reduction and thus we were bound to eliminate you.

The company will provide you the final paycheck and also the payment for remaining leave on your last working day. However, your health care benefits will remain in effect for 180 days after the termination of your employment.

We request you to return the entire company asset that was given to you for perming your duties on your last day of employment. Apart from that, you are also requested to sign a number of agreements which prohibit you from revealing all the confidential information of the company. Please review and sign the attached copies.

In case you have any questions about this letter of rejection feel free to contact <HR Manager Name> at <HR Manager Contact No.>.

Yours faithfully,


<HR Manager>

Tips to write a professional termination letter

The following are some essential tips that you need to follow while writing the professional letter:

  • Providing basic information: The first thing that you need to do is to clearly mention the name of the person who will be terminated. Most importantly it is very essential to clearly include the date of termination and also the date of separation.
  • Reason for termination: The next thing that you need to do provide the reason for termination. There may be various reasons for which a company has to terminate the employee. At the time of termination, it is very important to specify the reason why the employee is terminated so that the employee can understand the reason why the company decided to let him go.
  • Company property: Generally it is seen that company provides a lot of things to the employee at the time of employment for performing his day to day work such as laptop, key card, data card, etc. So, at the time of termination, it is very important for the employee to return the entire company asset that was given to him for perming his activities. However, the employee may also get a notepad, pen, or free calendar from the company which is not required to return. Hence, it is required to mention in the termination letter that the employee has to return the company asset on his last working day.
  • Sign agreements: In some company the employee needs to sign some agreement that will prohibit him from revealing the confidential information to the competitor of the company. So it is necessary to mention it in the termination letter.