Live streaming hints about video hosting solutions and permits users to upload and broadcast their content while engaging with the audience. Additionally, it was introduced a few decades ago, but the tables have turned in recent times.

Over the internet, a wide array of options is available for you to live to stream the news. However, in between hundreds of options, it isn’t easy to pick one. Additionally, everyone has jumped into the rat race and is coming up with unique features.

All in all, if you are new to the world of live news streaming, you will be jumbled between the options. Hence, to lower your stress, we have collected some unique points that might assist you in opting for a platform accordingly. If you want to watch CNN live news now, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before deciding on a live streaming platform:

Video Hosting Services

Videos are a significant part of news channels since they influence the user. A news streaming service that features compelling video and audio content, and helps you to store it for a re-watch can be a perfect platform. Moreover, another feature related to video content is video-on-demand, which automatically records your preferred news shows or clips in your library. If you are into it, you might want to try Castr‘s software for live streaming.

Support Mobile Devices

A reliable news streaming forum should support all kinds of gadgets. It is because; live streaming services were introduced to function anywhere at any time. Thus, if you are sitting at an office desk or waiting for a metro, you will be able to watch a live stream of the local news.

Speed Of The Service

We all hate slow network services, don’t we? It plays a significant role, and let’s face it – nobody wants to miss an important piece of news just because the platform offers a slow service. Furthermore, the slow live streaming of news will irritate you, so it is suggested to opt for a service that has high speed.


It is the most satisfying feature provided by a live streaming service. It holds significance since it saves our time and hassle to look out for the desired news content. All you are required is to enter the genre of the news, and here you go!


Many individuals opt for a live streaming service over TV cables—while opting to cut the cord, one also looks for live streaming services that are not heavy on the pocket. Many live streaming platforms offer the viewers multiple plans that they can choose from depending on their budget and the extent of news coverage they are looking for. Search for a live streaming service that offers adaptive delivery with minimum charges so that you can watch news uninterruptedly.


A reliable live streaming service exhibits a high-level of engagement for its users. It is crucial since you are allowed to interact with the news host. Additionally, when you leave a comment on the live streaming video, it might be possible that the news anchor notices you and answer your query instantly. So, look for a platform that offers a means of engaging with the host.


Look for a news streaming platform that offers detailed insights and analytics about different trending news topics. Apart from live streams, you will be able to educate yourself better about current affairs in a much better way.

Free Trial

Several live streaming sites offer a free trial for a month or a few weeks. Thus, look for a platform that offers a free trial so that you can first test and then pay. The free trial of streaming live news gives you an idea of its services, which they claimed to be perfect. Thus, if you don’t like it, step down and discontinue it. Try another news streaming service and improve your gaming experience.

Unarguably, live streaming of news is a useful tool. In the present day, every other person is opting for it, and benefitting themselves with its use. But, when it comes to picking one, it is a complex judgment.

It is because there are some factors to consider, and above all, hundreds of platforms are available on the internet. All in all, it confuses the individual, since there are too many choices. With this piece, we have tried to make things simpler, and with the help of these elements, you will be able to make an informed decision.