As a child, you have always been asked, “what do you want when you grow up?” and chances are at least one kid in your class have answered that he or she wants to be a pilot. Who doesn’t want to pursue a career that involves flying in the sky along with the birds and the clouds, right?

The process of becoming a pilot has always been a mystery to most of us — maybe that is the reason why you have clicked on this article, you simply have no idea. If you have been interested in becoming a pilot, wanting to know what to expect and what are the requirements in getting into a flight school, then you have come to the right place. We will talk about the career itself, its benefits, the entire process in getting into a flight school as well as the challenges you may encounter along the way, This article aims to guide in making the right decision during the start of your aviation career.

A Career as a Pilot

A pilot is a general term used to call a person that operates an aircraft — other terms used are aircraft pilot and aviator. According to Statista, there are around 333,000 pilots that are actively working in the airline industry last 2019. It is also projected that these numbers will increase in the coming years as the demand for these pilots also continues to grow. This is caused by the ever-growing number of passengers that choose to travel around the world via airline transport flights. Also in 2019, a whopping 4.54 billion people across the globe were served by the global airline industry. This was already an increase from the 2018 numbers of 4.4 billion passengers.

There are at least six types of pilots that you should know about. Each of them has a specific job description, different from one another.

Flight Instructors

The greatest pilots industry are most likely flight instructors. Since they have to pass down every knowledge about aviation, they are required to know the ins and outs of the industry as well as have the capability to effectively teach others.

Sport Pilots

Sports pilots are only allowed to operate a light aircraft that can only carry one passenger. They are also not allowed to take flights at night. Training in becoming a sport pilot is relatively easier than the other types of pilot jobs.

Recreational Pilots

Recreational pilots basically have the same job description as sport pilots except that the former can operate a heavier aircraft.

Private Pilots

If you want to pursue your aviation career further, then you should start with becoming a private pilot as a foundation. If you a private pilot certificate or license, you are able to operate at night as well as fly out of public airports. However, private pilots are not allowed to fly for hire or compensation.

Airline Transport Pilots

Airline transport pilots are the only ones that are authorized to fly a commercial airline to transport passengers. Since it requires the most advanced license, training to become an airline transport pilot is the longest among all of them.

Commercial Pilots

Commercial pilots are the ones who are hired and paid to fly an aircraft. They are also allowed to do different aviation activities like aerial tours.

The amount of training varies depending on what type of pilot license you want to acquire. The easiest to obtain would be the sport pilot license while the hardest is for airline transport. A pilot’s salary also varies from €2,390 to €7,210.

And just like with any other professional career, the first step in achieving that dream job is through proper schooling. Keep on reading to know what you need and what you should do to get into flight school — kicking off that start of your aviation training right.

How to Get into Flight School

Requirements in obtaining a pilot license also depend on what type of license you are aiming for. So, if you want to become an airline transport pilot, qualifying for a license needs you to prepare more requirements, work harder, and spend more money.

Generally, flight schools require an Airline Transport Pilot License or ATPL student to be at least 18 years old to qualify. Tests are also conducted before admission to make sure that the student has the abilities to pursue this career. They also require a first-class medical certificate. This type of medical certificate is essential for all hopeful pilots since it assesses their entire mental and physical health — to be mentally and physically healthy is crucial for pilots.

As for the financial aspects of getting into flight school, unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. Depending on the academy, an entire course may cost between € 70 000 to €140 000. This means that if you really are set on this career path, you have to pay the hefty price. This is one of the major challenges that you may face along the journey.

Now, there are three types of courses that you can take to qualify for an ATPL:

Integrated Pilot Training Course

The integrated course is the most expensive and the most intensive since it will require your full time during the entire 14 months of the course. This is the best choice for those who do not have any prior experiences and knowledge about aviation as it tackles every important lesson and principle. Airlines also prefer graduates of integrated courses than those who finished other types of courses.

Modular Aircraft Pilot Training Course

If you cannot commit full time for a flight course, you can go with modular courses. The training is divided into smaller modules that are conducted in intervals. It is also less expensive and is easier to pass. However, career opportunities for those who have finished a modular course are less than those with integrated training.

Multi-Pilot License Course

The multi-pilot license course is given to students who are already in contract with an airline. Airlines often shoulder the finances of the student during the training which makes obtaining the license less expensive than the other routes.

Your decision in choosing between the three of these depends on your budget and the amount of time you are willing to spend on training.

Finding the Right Flight School For You

There are several flight schools around the world that choosing the best one for you can be hard. The first factor that you should consider is, of course, your budget. Again, this is not a cheap career path, so if you really want to become a pilot, make sure you have enough savings. Second, you should set on what type of training course you want to go through. This all depends on the amount of commitment you are able to give during the entire course. Third, go with a school that offers the best quality of education as well as provides you with all the necessities — making you feel like you are getting the most of what you have to pay for. Check their ratings as well as reputation. Remember that what you are about to venture on is an investment.

FlyBy Aviation Academy is one of the best commercial pilot schools in the world. They offer an integrated pilot training course in just 14 months and at a lesser price. They cover accommodations as well as the students’ food to make sure that they can focus on learning and training. Flyby covers all practical and theory courses which are the foundation of a pilot’s skills and knowledge-producing graduates that are among the best and most competent pilots in the globe.