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It’s quite fascinating to see the level of success online industries gained in the past year. The pandemic got us all sitting at home, and well, many of us are entertaining ourselves on the web. Some have gone on week-long Amazon shopping sprees, while others began engaging in streaming services for hours on end. One niche that certainly picked up as well as all the others, is online casino gambling. Casinos, be it physical locations or online sites, have already had tremendous progression all across the world before the lockdown, and there was some serious money in it all along. Now that most of the world has no choice but to spend the majority of time at home, online gambling is becoming extremely popular, and casino sites, as well as software providers, are thriving in all of their glory like never before.

Regardless of the high demand for online gambling, there is still an insane competition between the providers and software developers. There are thousands of casino sites on the web, and you will find hundreds of creators doing their best to push their content to the very surface of the web. So who is winning this race, and what makes one company better than the other? Who is making the most money, and how was this success reached during this time? Those are all very enticing questions that we are about to answer. Who knows, maybe you will get some ideas or some motivation to go full forth in your own niche! What’s a better drive fuel than seeing the accomplishments of other people?

What makes some companies in the gambling niche succeed more than others?

Everyone can hop on the web, buy a domain, and create an online casino. And if you don’t know – many people do just that without any prior experience and very little money. But believe it or not – some of them actually manage to succeed! Sometimes those with thick wallets fail in the niche, while those with little resources strive. Why? Well, the answer is simple – those who come out to the top are the ones who are implementing all the aspects that online casino players are searching for, while others are skipping important details, and losing balance when creating a proper structure. Here are some things online casino players look for:

-Rich online casino bonuses
-VIP Programs
-Games from popular software providers
-A healthy variety of banking methods
-Fast withdrawals
-Mobile compatibility
-Helpful customer support

You will see that the most successful online casinos and software providers contain most, if not all of the following. The victory in the industry comes from a healthy balance of all important aspects, attention to the player’s needs, and genuine care for the consumers. So it’s not about who makes the coolest looking casino site or creates a slot with the best 3D graphics, but more about the sometimes invisible effort behind the scenes.

Most profitable online casino companies

IGT (International Game Technology) is a company that produces online gambling content. The headquarters are located in London, but they hold offices in various locations. The company’s current revenue comes at a banging 4.8 billion dollars. The company was founded in 1990, and since then has had unmatched success in the online gambling niche. Online casino lovers adore IGT games, as they have incredible graphics and some of the highest RTP slots. The stock for the company seems to be extremely volatile, and despite the online gambling demand in 2020, it has had a pretty hefty depletion, going from approximately $45 in 2007, and jumping up and down resulting in a sad $11 in december 2020. Regardless, It’s a perfect short term holding, as the company’s success never ceases to surprise us.

Paddy Power & Betfair are often confused to be the same company. However, they are two separate organizations that have joined forces in the year 2016, and became a force to be reckoned with. That was a wonderful decision on both of the competitor’s ends, as the now united company’s revenue is 2.28 dollars. Flutter Entertainment PLC is the company’s bookmaking holding, which holds a stock that is worth $100 per share as of December 2020, that’s growing from $60 at the beginning of the year. Unsurprisingly,  the stock rises in value as the years go by, and is increasing at a reasonable speed during the time of the pandemic.

Party Digital Entertainment Ladbrokes Coral (GVC Holdings) is a British company that specializes in betting and gambling, and it has been thriving since it was founded in 2004. Ladbrokes Coral is a subsidiary to the company, due to GVC taking charge and becoming the captain in 2018, which allowed it to grow at a greater speed. The revenue is currently a thread over 4 billion dollars, and the organization has absolutely no intentions of slowing down. The company also owns Bwin, PartyPoker, and Sportingbet, which are all successful betting brands. The Entain PLC stock is currently worth $14 per share, and seems to be rising confidently since the dip in the beginning of 2020, which was only at $6 per share.

Bet365 Limited Company has beat all other companies on the market by generating a revenue of over 3.3 billion dollars. This UK online gambling company launched in 2000, and by 2001 it began to put some tremendous effort into creating online gambling content. It is a privately owned company that was founded by Denise Coates, alongside her brother and their father. You will find a bet365 online casino, which we can safely say is one of the top online gambling sites on the globe. The casino includes sports betting, live dealers, slots, and other betting entertainment. Bet365 shares are not publicly traded, so no info we can give you on this part.

Most profitable casino games

It’s nice to look at the success and growth of companies, but it would probably be MUCH nicer to see what aspects of the online gambling industry are most profitable to you as a player. Therefore, we will fill you in on some of the most rewarding online gambling games with the highest RTP and top winning opportunities. And it’s sort of a given that if a slot can afford high payouts, then it’s doing pretty darn well in the igambling market.

Mega-Joker slot by NetEnt

If you’re at all into online gambling, there’s absolutely no way that you haven’t heard of NetEnt. It is the most popular, and probably the most successful online gambling software provider in the world. Mega Joker happens to be the most successful slot in terms of RTP, which is at an astonishing 99%! If you take a look at the slot, you will know immediately that it didn’t gain its reputation for the graphics. It’s rather boring and mundane in its appearance, but the winning opportunities have pushed the game to be the most profitable and successful in the online gamblin niche.

1429 Uncharted Seas by ThunderKick

If you want to win big, the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot is the way to go. ThunderKick sure did kick it up by loading the slot with the rich RTP of 98.5%. Although the provider doesn’t rank that high on the list of the best software providers, it surely succeeded in making a slot that is both – most profitable for players, as well as the organization itself.

Joker Strike slot by Quickspin

Perhaps you’ve heard of Quickspin, it’s a giant in the online gambling industry that produces some of the best gambling games you will ever find. The company produced around 30 games so far, but the great success lies in the Joker Strike slot that has an RTP of 98.11%. That alone draws millions of players in, regardless of the slot’s boring visuals. Of course, that results in the company’s serious gains, as the game is featured in some of the top online casinos on the web.

Bloodsuckers slot by NetEnt

Surprise, surprise – NetEnt strikes again with a slot that has players swimming in gold due to the game’s outstanding RTP of 98%. Safe to say that NetEnt also gets to swim in chambers of money due to the slot’s incredible success on the web. This creepy, vampire-themed slot gets a lot less scary when you find out about the winning opportunities it presents. NetEnt has around 200 slots at this point in time, which all have contributed to the impressive achievements.


Sure thing, online gambling is an insanely successful niche in 2020, and no one can argue that there is serious potential in running an igambling business. However, do note that this is also an industry that has lots of people falling into traps that they didn’t intend to encounter. The impact of COVID-19 on online gambling has resulted in lots of gambling addictions, and money losses. So if you are planning on betting money, make sure you are doing so responsibly. And of course, play on the best real money casinos that you could possibly find. What’s great, is that you don’t have to search for them, Casinority.com has already reviewed the best casino sites on the market, and they will serve as a perfect guide to safe and secure online betting.