It happens to everyone. The honeymoon period is over, and the small things start to pile up. The way he makes a mess of the bathroom, the way she leaves clothes lying around – it starts to get to you. And the small fights start to pile up. Anger, frustration, and resentment – the three biggest relationship killers – begin to make an appearance.

First, you try compromising. Then you try talking. But nothing seems to be working out! So what do you do then? You use our savvy, smart ways to help sort out your conflicts and build a better foundation for your relationship. You build ways to communicate with each other so that conflicts are minimized, and you can focus on what matters the most, love.

Don’t Talk When You’re Angry!

One of the biggest mistakes people make in interpersonal relationships is talking when they are angry. When you’re angry, you’re way more likely to say something you don’t mean. Anger is an aggressive emotion, and when we are aggressive, we forget how to temper our words. We tend to escalate the situation instead of trying to come to a solution. The focus, in other words, is on winning instead of peace.

So what should you do? Take a breather. Say the words “I’m upset right now, and I don’t think this is a good time to discuss this. Could you give me some space and can we come back to this?” Work out what is comfortable and non-threatening for you and your partner to say that would signal a pause in the argument. Come back to it after a short walk, or after a day, and talk it out. You’ll be calmer and more likely to reach a meaningful resolution.

Do Talk About Your Needs

In a relationship, you feel extremely close to your partner. As time goes on, you feel attuned to the needs of your partner, and you think you’re meeting all of them. Your partner feels the same. But somehow, you both keep arguing about how one overlooked the other’s needs or feelings. Sounds familiar?

This is one of the most common things that happen in a relationship. Just because you and your partner feel almost telepathically attached, doesn’t mean you are psychic! You still have to communicate what you want and what you feel, and vice versa. Expecting someone to read your mind is an impossible and unrealistic expectation. If it isn’t nipped in the bud, this becomes a bad habit that will eventually lead to a resentful emotional breakdown.

Talk To A Psychic

A psychic has seen hundreds of couples and conflicts. He or she is an experienced professional when it comes to relationships. A psychic is also uniquely positioned to see what spiritual blocks you or your partner may have and can help you overcome them. If you’ve tried everything and your relationship is still on the rocks, a psychic may be the Hail Mary that you need to solve your issues once and for all!

You should choose someone who has previous experience in dealing with relationship problems, as they will be more attuned to seeing the finer details that might be glossed over otherwise. Keep an eye out for reviews of the services you take. Oranum psychic reviews show the number of customers who have benefitted from them, and you can see the many feedbacks left by now-happy couples. Sometimes conflict is a fault in our stars, and a psychic will help you see what you can do to overcome it.

Remember That The Best Outcome Is Resolution, Not Winning

It happens all too often in the heat of the moment. You get frustrated because your partner isn’t understanding your point, and keeps shifting the topic to something else. You say something is bothering you, they place the blame for something else on you, and you retaliate. Everyone gets their ego involved and you end up in a giant mess.

It is easy to lose perspective when you’re actively in conflict. However, the reason the conflict exists is so a couple can reach a better understanding of each other and solve it. It is not there so you can score points over your partner or decide who is right and who is wrong. So when you start to feel your ego rearing its ugly head, remember that you love your partner, and it’s you two against the world. Not you two against each other!