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The French Presidential Election 2022 has already completed its first round of voting, and it’s going for the runoff scheduled on April 24. How are the odds looking for both presidents? Will the incumbent president Emmanuel Macron be able to retain his seat for the 2nd term? How is the bookmaker of the French election looking now?

In this report today, let’s try to figure out the candidates’ ratings as well as evaluate your option to bet on the French presidential election in 2022.

If you’re not aware yet, political markets have always been quite favorite among the bettors of the world. It’s something that you don’t get very often, and it’s the exclusivity that drives the popularity to a large extent. 

The French presidential election polls have been the talk of the betting town in 2022, as this is one of the year’s major political events. Let’s look at what the paradigm seems like after the first round of elections on April 10. 

The Main 2 Candidates and Their Ratings 

As you already know, Emmanuel Macron is currently holding the seat of the country’s president, and he’s very much likely to get elected for the 2nd term. His centrist approach to the country’s legislation has largely been beneficial to his success. 

But it’s not yet time to declare him as the surefire president yet as Marine Le Pen is closely chasing him. During the initial days of the polls, Ms. Le Pen was miles behind the current president. But as the election date came close, the difference narrowed down. 

Mr. Macron created quite the buzz when he first became president in 2022. No major party had his back, and he pretty much walked the path alone. He came out victorious. It showed that the French nationals had his back all along.

Ms. Le Pen, on the other hand, inherited the right-wing National Front Party from her father. She later changed the party’s name to National Rally in 2018. Interestingly, this is her 3rd time running for the seat! She and Macron were close opponents in 2017’s election too!

As for the current situation, the first round of the election shows that Emmanuel Macron is leading the vote count with a massive 27% share of the total votes. But as the French presidential election doesn’t follow the traditional modality, it’s going for a runoff this year. The odds at the bookmaker of the French election are also reflecting the head-to-head race! 

How Does the Election Work?

If you’re confused about why Emmanuel Macron is not declared the president yet despite leading the polls and the vote count, let us help. It’s because the French Presidential Election follows a two-round approach. The goal is to find the country leader who won with an absolute majority. 

Hence, if the vote count in the first round of the election is close between all the contenders, it goes to a runoff, usually scheduled 2 weeks after the first round. Only the 2 candidates with the most votes qualify for that round. Then, the voters choose who they want to see as their president for the next 5 years without any bias. 

If you look at the current vote count for all candidates, Emmanuel Macron is leading with 27% votes. But Marine Le Pen is breathing down his neck with 23.1% votes. Even more interesting is the vote count for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He has the 3rd highest vote count with 22% of the support. 

So, you can see why the election is going for the second round. On April 24, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face off for a showdown. 

Who Is Leading in the Polls?

From the initial vote count, you would think that the polls for the 2nd round of the election will also show close numbers between the 2 candidates. And that’s what we see in the elections. But the scenario for the French presidential election 2022 odds is different. 

In the majority of the bookmakers, punters are putting their faith in Mr. Macron, and by a large margin. As a result, there has been quite a discrepancy between the odds. As it seems, more than 80% of the world’s punters favor Mr. Macron. He’s firing on all cylinders with the re-election campaign too!

If you’re familiar with how odds work at betting sites, you’d know that the more people want an outcome to be true, the shorter the odds. Based on this very principle, a lot of bettors are also putting their money on Marine Le Pen. Because if Marine wins by the slimmest chance, it’s going to be a huge payday for the punters! 

However, it’s not the case for all bookmakers. Although most of them still favor Mr. Macron, some didn’t let the odds become polar. As it stands right now, the 2nd round of the votes will be an event to remember! 

How to Bet on the French Presidential Election?

So, you’re interested in betting on the French presidential election in 2022? There’s nothing to worry about if you’ve missed the first round of betting madness. There’s still time as most prominent bookmakers accept wagers for the 2nd round. 

In this section, we’ll let the betting expert from BetZillion help you utilize the opportunity to its highest potential. 

  • Find the Right Bookmaker

As political events such as presidential elections are considered special, you won’t find many bookmakers listing them—only the select and the best operators from around the world present punters with the opportunity. 

The ones that do offer French presidential election 2022 odds, not all of them are worth your time. Hence, the expert has already shared a list of the best bookmakers for the French election. Pick one from that list right away. 

  • The Markets 

As there are only 2 outcomes when you bet on the French presidential election in 2022, the number of markets is usually minimal. All the bookmakers will offer moneylines for the winner of the election. 

But if you look hard enough, you should also be able to find over/under bets based on the vote count. You may also find props bets to enjoy novelty betting events such as this truly. 

  • Odds

The odds will be identical at pretty much all bookmakers that offer the markets. It is an exclusive event, and all analysts consider the same variables. Then again, there’s always the possibility of subtle differences between the odds. So, your target should be to find the longest odds for both candidates. 


When you think about sports betting, a wager on the French presidential election in 2022 might not immediately cross your mind. Only the bettors who take their passion very seriously are more likely to follow up. 

But there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve come to the rescue with everything you need to know. You now know the favorite candidate, what the polls say about them, and the French presidential betting odds for the 2022 election. 

All there is left for you is to pick a betting site and try your luck before April 24!