One of the best things about playing online slots is that you’re never kept waiting too long for something new and interesting to come around. Years ago, you were stuck with the same old slot machine in the corner of your preferred bar or casino until the owners saw fit to replace it. Now, brand new online slots are released every day of every year, and your preferred online slots website likely has access to most of them!

If there’s a downside to having so many online slots available, it’s that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. There are the obvious candidates, like the always-popular ‘Rainbow Riches,’ or ‘Fluffy Favourites,’ but if you spend all your time playing them, you’ll never find out about all the other great games that the majority of high-quality online slots websites now offer.

We can’t provide you with a list of what to play and what not to play, because there are too many online slots to mention and we’d be here for the rest of the day. We can give you a great seasonal selection, though. If you’re spoilt for choice, and you can’t decide what to play next, here’s our take on what’s looking good in the world of online slots during the month of February!

Lucky Valentine

As well as being a great seasonal choice of slot game to play, you can also take this as a reminder that Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. How February 14th became such a great day for romantics is a mystery – the festival associated with the date began as a way of commemorating a beheaded Christian martyr.

Sorry if that spoils your enjoyment of the day at all. We can’t recommend paying for a few spins on Lucky Valentine for your beloved as a Valentine’s Day gift, but perhaps the slot could win you enough money to buy them something more suitable. It’s a five-reel, three-row affair from Red Tiger Gaming, and comes with a generous RTP of 96.08%.

In the spirit of giving, Lucky Valentine comes with four different randomly-activating reel modifiers, a bonus game based on climbing up the Eiffel Tower, and the opportunity to win free spins. Without wanting to sound corny, this is an online slots game you could easily fall in love with.

The Incredible Balloon Machine

These days, you can play online slots based on almost any theme you can think of. Many popular movies and television shows have their own official online slots tie-in. There are slots based on travel, food, drink, sports, reading, and even shopping.

Never before have we ever seen one based on the idea of inflating a balloon, though, and for that, we have to salute Crazy Tooth Studio for their originality. The premise of The Incredible Balloon Machine is simple – the longer you dare to inflate a balloon for, the more you win. Hold on too long, and the balloon pops, costing you everything you’ve won so far. Get it right, and the balloon will float away, winning you money in the process.

While some traditionalists will argue that it shouldn’t really be called an online slots game because it lacks reels or rows, it has a recognizable prize-picker bonus feature and also features multipliers, both of which are familiar to any seasoned online slots player. The theoretical RTP is 96.75%.

Pirates Frenzy

We’re not sure why pirates are seen as being cool, or when that view started to become prevalent. It’s been helped along by the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, although it existed long before that. Pirates make for a strange choice of hero, given that their criminal deeds prompted a global financial crisis during the 18th century, but there’s no denying that anything that places them front and center tends to find an audience.

Blueprint is hoping that they don’t become the exception to that rule with Pirates Frenzy, which was released at the very end of January 2020. It’s a colorful affair that’s taken at least some of its inspiration from the world of the Johnny Depp films, but it has a few clever bonus features thrown in.

During the free spins feature, you have the chance to win a share of the pirate’s bounty from the special symbols that appear on the screen, and you also have the chance to activate the sixth reel for an increased bet and therefore boost your chances of activating the bonus features. Pirates Frenzy’s RTP is 96.12%.

Montezuma Megaways

If you’re not familiar with the history of the Aztecs, allow us to fill in the blanks by telling you that Montezuma was the second Aztec emperor, and the leader responsible for the expansion of the empire’s borders. Montezuma II was better known, but Montezuma I did all of the groundwork.

If, on the other hand, you’re unfamiliar with the latest online slots terminology, allow us to enlighten you. A Megaways slot is one that has thousands of ways to win, more reels than you’re used to, cascading wins, and basically a whole load of action going on all the time.

Every single spin is unique, and Megaways is rapidly catching up on the classic format as the most popular way to play online slots. This theme-heavy historical slot from WMS is no exception and manages to find a way to fit in a free spins feature alongside all the base game excitement. RTP is 96.17%.

Release The Kraken

Releasing the Kraken would never be thought of as a good idea in the ancient days of seafaring. The Kraken is a mythical and fearsome sea monster, said to be responsible for the ultimate fate of many a ship that left its home port and was never seen again.

It’s not looking at its most threatening here in this online slots game from Pragmatic Play, mostly due to the fun, cartoonish presentation of the graphics. The Kraken also appears as a wild symbol, and on occasion, as a colossal wild symbol, taking up a 4×3 chunk of the reels.

Sometimes you’ll even find an infectious Kraken who turns all of the symbols adjacent to it into matching wilds. Pragmatic Play always does an excellent job of blending modern features with traditional gameplay, so it won’t surprise you to hear that along with the generous 96.5% RTP, there’s also a solid free spins feature.

That’s just five great online slots to be getting on with during February, but don’t worry if you play them to death – there are always more coming, just around the corner!