Accounting and cloud hosting are buzzing topics in today’s day and age. Cloud computing is a major advantage for businesses of all sizes including SMEs, enterprises, and CPAs. Cloud computing brings significant flexibility to accounting practices. While in-house tools can simplify accounting, they require significant maintenance.

Enterprise accounting bundles several functions like reconciliation accounts payable and receivable, taxes and other aspects. Cloud technology can manage the complexity of these aspects with greater agility and collaboration capability.

Here are some ways that a service like QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting can simplify accounting.

Managing Infrastructure and Maintenance costs

Businesses of all sizes try to reduce the upfront costs involved in the procurement of various equipment and services. Accounting software like QuickBooks Enterprise hosted on the cloud can reduce the cost of servers and other equipment as these are handled by the hosting service provider.

Uninterrupted service accessibility

With QuickBooks Enterprise installed on remote servers that can be accessed with technologies like Citrix Virtual Desktop, users get the freedom to access and manage their Company Files from anywhere at any time. This capability allows users to collaborate with team members in real-time without having to wait for responses.

Maximum data privacy and security in the Cloud

A simple QuickBooks Enterprise comparison with similar products reveals why the former is much more safe and secure than its competition especially when it is hosted on the cloud. With features like multi-factor authentication and complex encryption techniques, cloud hosting is much more robust and reliable than onsite hosting.

Robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures

A cloud-hosted software is much more resilient against Black Swan events like natural disasters and other unpredictable vulnerabilities. With data redundancy that ensures that the data remains accessible even if one server fails, businesses can respond faster even in the event of a failure. Intuit authorized service providers like Apps4Rent guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Round-the-clock technical support

It is not uncommon to be stuck with technical issues when working with complex software only to find the developer responds to queries only during fixed hours. Unfortunately, that wait might be too long especially when financial data is involved. With QuickBooks Enterprise on a hosted server, that wouldn’t be a problem as the software is delivered as a managed service with guaranteed support from the hosting service provider via phone, chat, email or any other preferred media.


With agility, flexibility, and accessibility taking the front seat in driving business operations, it is perilous to latch on old practices. Migrating to the cloud has become a necessity for sustained profitability. Opting for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is a move in the right direction.