If you are going to visit Las Vegas – it will offer you a lot of hotels where you will feel comfort and coziness. However, in case you are a businessman, then you need something special. The ideal business hotel is a combination of luxury suites, spacious interior, facilities for conferences and meetings, as well as entertainment that will help you relax after a hard working day. This is the embodiment of the hotel that will satisfy the highest traveler’s requirements.

The following hotels will be an excellent place to stay for official visits to Las Vegas. Usually, they offer a transfer from the local airport, but AVR car rental is also a great way to get to your favorite hotel by car as quickly and easily as possible…


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Bellagio is a very successful imitation of the Italian palazzo. It’s presented with comfortable seven thousand rooms furnished with Italian bedding – the entire hotel can accommodate up to fourteen thousand visitors at once.

Under the roof of the Bellagio there is a grandiose casino, numerous bars, restaurants, cafes, shows, night clubs, and boutiques. Since the territory of Bellagio with all its pools, fountains and terraces significantly exceeds the area of the average Italian city, you can even get lost there first.

The pools of Bellagio are really good, although they are crowded – each of them features different water temperature. The contrast of Bellagio pseudo-Renaissance buildings with super modern towers of neighboring hotels is very picturesque, so you will definitely want to take several amazing photos. For those who are looking for less mass recreation by the pool, there’s a VIP area and private cabanas.

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(photo by Paolo Rosa)

By the way, those who don’t want to be one of the fourteen thousand lodgers can use Bellagio suites – they have a very reasonable price and look much more impressive. In addition, separate elevators lead to them, as the suites are located on the upper floors with the most fantastic view from the huge windows.

One of the main attractions of Bellagio is the fountains. The spectacle is excellent and gorgeous. In general, Bellagio with chic and well-known elegance maintains the style of a classic casino hotel, where you can feel like a hero of a film, strolling between the roulette tables with a cigar.

Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd

Price for room: from $160/day

Mandarin Oriental

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(photo by Anthony Philips)

This is one of the few large hotels in the city that doesn’t have a casino. Perhaps Mandarin Oriental won’t give you the feeling of complete immersion in the turbulent waters of the city of pleasure, but elegant super-modern interiors, impeccable service will give you an unforgettable experience of luxury.

Although the hotel is huge and has 400 rooms, by the standards of Las Vegas it may well be considered a boutique hotel along with SKYLOFTS. Many rich and famous celebrities stay there, and accordingly, the local public is of a different class. However, you will definitely like it.

Address: 3752 S Las Vegas Blvd

Price for room: from $197/day


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This is the most elite part of the MGM Grand complex and the most expensive accommodation in Las Vegas. If you want to stay in the 22nd century, then you’re welcome. Guests are met at the airport in a golden limousine and escorted to the private hall of the hotel with soft sofas.

Skylofts is a boutique hotel created by designer genius Tony Chi. Its rooms is absolutely gigantic – the minimum area is 140 square meters. Each suite is located in two tiers, with glass walls offering a breathtaking view of the Strip.

The matter is in the details. You can choose a room with a billiard table or a private pool on the terrace, a bar full of high-class drinks, an infinity bath with color therapy and champagne effect, a Jura Capresso Impressa coffee maker, all modern technologies, a butler, a night concierge and so on.

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(photo by Jack Stephens)

This is a suitable place both for a romantic relaxation away from the noisy world, and for an upscale party. It’s probably difficult to imagine a more ideal way to feel like a Hollywood movie celebrity, than staying for a couple of nights in the heavenly residences of SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand.

Address: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd

Price for room: from $808/day


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Wynn is another remarkable casino-hotel in Las Vegas. The whole structure is as colossal as Bellagio, but it was built much later, so the style and the atmosphere are completely different. In fact, this is not even one hotel, but two hotels.

Actually, Wynn is more of a classic style, and its twin Encore features an extravagant design for a younger audience.

In order not to get lost in a large crowd and to be served in a decent manner, it’s recommend to stay in Tower Suites – they are available in both Wynn and Encore.

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Wynn-Encore is known for its elegant nightclubs and restaurants – here Disneyland for adults takes on such an impressive shape, and the real is so mixed with the unreal that nobody will remain indifferent. The hotel with all its costly chic, Copperfield tricks, billions of dollars in investments, and incredible sexual energy is the quintessence of the American dream of a beautiful life.

Address: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd

Price for room: from $179/day