Restaurants and cafes of Los Angeles are known to the whole world for its diverse and even somewhat eclectic cuisine, combining traditions of Europe, Asia, and America. In the best restaurants of the city, you can taste dishes of Californian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as Thai and Korean traditions of culinary art.

However, such a variety of establishments will lead to the fact that you get confused when choosing a suitable place to eat. In order to simplify your choice, we have prepared the list of excellent dining places in Los Angeles. If you’ll get hungry after an exhausting flight, it can be a great idea to pick up a car rental from Europcar Los Angeles airport and go to one of the following places…

Intelligentsia Coffee Venice Coffeebar

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This is almost the only coffee house in Los Angeles, where you can taste a truly delicious coffee. The barista here is wearing pants with suspenders and caps of newspaper hawkers from the beginning of the last century.

Baking is quite expensive, given the average cost of the area – $4-5 for a cookie or croissant. If a year ago there was a chance to sit there with a laptop, now this opportunity is almost impossible, since the coffee shop has gained deafening popularity, and there are often no free seats. Celebrities sometimes take coffee there. Intelligentsia branch can also be found in another area of Los Angeles – Silver Lake.

Address: 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Urth Caffe

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In Urth Caffé everything is simple: coffee, tea, and sandwiches. The cafe is open from 6.30 in the morning – scrambled eggs and salad are served for breakfast. Urth Caffe offers about 10 different kinds of homemade coffee blends, which is a perfect selection for the fans of this drink.

All food and beverages are organic, so the cafe is so popular with Santa Monica residents who are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. No parking, only valet, thus people mostly come there on bicycles. Inside there’s a romantic veranda where you can meet a famous producer with a newspaper or a Hollywood actor with a girlfriend.

The branch at Melrose is also usually fully packed from morning till night. Hollywood housewives after the spa procedures, and even Beverly Hills policemen come there to drink Green Tea Latte with crushed sweet ice.

Address: 451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles

Apple Pan Burger

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This is a tiny burger spot with a rich history. There are only burgers, potatoes and milkshakes on the menu, but everything is incredibly tasty. After getting there, you may even realize that almost nothing has changed from the 30s. It smells of fried butter, a cutlet melts in your mouth, and a diet along with new jeans is cracking at the seams.

Address: 10801 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Café 50’s

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Café 50’s is ideal for stopping during a road trip on the most beautiful coast of America. There is still some 1954, and four-course breakfast is served: you’ll be able to taste two fried eggs, two sausages, hash brown and two giant pancakes with syrup plus coffee.

This hearty menu will cost you only $5 until 11 in the morning. Everyone knows their leather sofas and bar with high red chairs. There’s no parking, but the supermarket next door is known for numerous spaces available for your car. As in most places living in the past century, only cash is accepted for payment there. Locals like it for the fact that this is not a stylization, but a real dinner from the ’50s.

Address: 11623 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

Pink’s Hot Dog

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(photo by Maks Manuals)

This establishment serves the most famous hot dogs in all of America. Every day, you’ll see no less than 30 people waiting for a juicy hot dog in the queue.

Even when you just drive by in a car, it’s impossible not to notice it – all drivers twist their heads trying to figure out what is the fuss there. The place is called by the names of the founders Paul and Betty Pink. Twenty kinds of sausages in the menu and two thousand hot dogs are sold per day.

Address: 709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles

Randy’s Donuts

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The scene, in which ‘Iron Man’ by Robert Downey Jr. sits in a giant donut, was filmed there. The establishment exists since the 50’s, and now it works from 4 in the morning until midnight, which is incredible by the standards of Los Angeles.

Donut costs less than a dollar, but if you purchase over 10 pcs – $1.85 discount is provided additionally. The establishment is located in the Inglewood area. Since the road from there to the airport takes about only seven minutes, this place is ideal for a snack before a long flight. Visitors are very amazed by Apple Fritter and Chocolate Donut.

Address: 805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood

Shaka Burgers

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‘Shaka’ is a welcome gesture of surfers – it’s believed that this thing originated in Hawaii. The burger-cafe in Santa Monica with such naming was opened recently, and already everyone around constantly wishes to taste a burger with a salmon and a Lava Bean burger.

The owners of Shaka Burgers, Michael, and Katie, are real representatives of the local surfer sub-culture and understand how to make an incredibly tasty Hawaiian-style food.

Address: 1701 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica