selective focus photography of two persons playing game in front of monitors

Games seem to be an activity that has no practical use. There is an idea that it is just a waste of time, but in reality, it is not. Online games you can open on your desktop or smartphone give you much more than meets the eye. Many scientific studies have proved the benefit of game activity, so feel free to open and choose a game to your taste.

How can online games help?

We learn to react and hold back, plan and achieve, relax and switch between different tasks. And these are the main reasons you should take online games from time to time instead of antidepressants.

A game to relax

No switch in our heads would help us leave all problems behind and relax. Various individual factors trigger these processes. However, it has been proven that the game environment creates a realistic illusion of a different world, easier to perceive and understand. And this is precisely the factor, thanks to which a person still manages to get rid of obsessive thoughts and rest a little.

Learn to plan and achieve

Online games often force you to approach various tasks in a non-standard way. Thus, they contribute to the development of reaction, thinking, and the skill of effective planning. Those qualities that we typically use become part of our character, so if you know how to succeed online, you can easily transfer this experience to your everyday life.

Free your tension and emotions

Typically, it is about the ecological residence of negative emotions, such as anger, rage, deep sadness, or disappointment. There is no perfect online game to deal with difficult feelings, so you must choose the activity yourself. Someone releases anger thanks to shooters or military strategies. For other people, it is crucial to overcome negative emotions with positive ones, so they create beautiful things in simulators or participate in role-playing games. In any case, it helps to achieve the desired goal.

Learn to deal with problems

To get to the next level, you must complete quests, solve one task after another, and show management skills and strategic thinking. You can use the skills honed in the game in real life.

Give yourself a strong foothold in the fight against anxiety

Favorite logic games, arcades, and adventure stories help to “ground” to feel control over the situation and the ground under one’s feet. When you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and fear that it may turn into a panic attack, you need an activity that will help distract you and create a feeling that everything is okay with you and the world around you.

Find common interests with your kids

The older a child becomes, the more difficult it is for parents to stay in touch with their inner world and experiences. Try an unconventional approach: choose an online game where your child will become your teacher and mentor or have fun playing with you as equals. Communicate while playing and become closer to each other.

As you can see, online games of any genre can sometimes replace your psychotherapist. It is not a full-fledged therapy, but the game is a great way to help yourself and fight stress, as well as excellent prevention against emotional exhaustion and burnout. Therefore, if you want to open your favorite game, just do it, because it makes perfect practical sense.