Live Online Casino

Comparing players’ emotions in virtual and land-based gambling clubs is difficult. Few things can compare with the ringing hall of slot machines or real roulette tables or blackjack. But current trends point to a large share of the development of online establishments. To find the best online casino, pay attention to the site, where experts have collected reliable and licensed establishments with good features.

These days, there is an increase in the popularity of live online casinos, where every year, there is an increase in users by about 40%. This is due to the closure of land-based establishments or the high cost of travel to Macau or Las Vegas. In addition, a good impetus for the development of live dealer games was the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why most players began to play from the comfort of their homes. Next, we will talk about how the game is built in an online live casino and what technologies are needed for players’ comfort.

When was Live Online Casino Created?

The idea of ​​creating live dealer games dates back to 1998, when the first live casino, Planet Poker, was developed. Its creator was Randy Blumer, inviting players to play card games in a particular room. But unfortunately, then there were no advanced graphics technologies, which became the reason for the unpopularity of entertainment.

Despite this, the live casino online fan base gradually grew as this technology made it possible to play against other live players over many miles. As a result, the service’s popularity increased until 2006, when the Law on Combating Illegal Online Gambling came into force.

Technology at Online Casino Live

In the 2010s, the attractiveness of the online live casino in Australia began to grow rapidly, given the ban on playing in online casinos with local registration. In addition, there was a significant improvement in the technology of games with live dealers, which guaranteed the game’s comfort. You can find the best options for live online casinos in Australia at, where portals are explicitly selected for players from the green continent. Next, we will consider a list of technologies implemented for the success of a live game.

Technology at Online Casino Live

Control Gameplay

Experienced players have experienced the fact that live croupiers do not press any keys to set bets or collect chips after the round. Instead, chips are placed exclusively on the screen of your device or computer, and an automatic system processes transactions. The control unit is responsible for all this, acting as the real brains of any modern live casino online in Australia.

Each live game table is equipped with a scanner that reads the cards during the deal or determines the sector where the roulette ball has landed after the run.

The game control block also serves to process data on the outcome of the draw, the player’s bets, and the winners. The user automatically receives the winnings.

Character Recognition

When dealing cards in a casino live online or spinning the roulette wheel, users get the result of the round on their screen. To carry out this operation, optical character recognition is used. This technology allows you to count cards or a cell where the ball landed after spinning the roulette wheel with a different display on the PC or mobile device.

This technology is applicable not only in the open spaces of online casinos. It is used to read license plates of cars and scan and convert printed text on paper into a digital document.

How Does the Croupier Keep Track of Bets and Repeat them?

If land-based club dealers see the players in front of them, then the virtual counterpart works differently. Players place bets on their devices when playing at a table in online casino roulette live. Their actions are duplicated on a special monitor of the dealer, which allows him to react to the selected bets or the request for an additional card.

live Croupier

When a new player enters, the system signals the dealer about it. Therefore, when the next participant in blackjack or roulette enters, the croupier starts the round with a greeting. Communication with dealers is carried out by microphone or text chat.

Disadvantages of Online Casino Live

In general, online casino live is no different from land-based counterparts. However, one drawback that annoys active players is the length of each round. Gambling platform operators are aware that some players may experience connection and internet speed issues. In addition, beginners need time to get used to the game. Therefore, the pace of the live casino game is much lower than real entertainment.

We advise you to start playing live games for real money at sites of verified online casinos licensed by reputable jurisdictions. For example, exercises monthly control over clubs’ activities and severely punishes them with sanctions in case of violating the license document. But even in the most reliable clubs, you can lose fabulous money. Therefore, calculate the budget correctly, and play with your own money if you have reached the age of 21 in Australia.