Do you know that if you have poor Oracle database design, the performance of your database suffers, and this hinders the success of your company! You should consult good database administrators when it comes to database design so that you can effectively optimize your database’s performance to help your business to expand over time. You should have a good IT team of specialists to check your database and ensure that it is adequately maintained without hassles at all.

What are the signs of poor database design?

To check whether the design of your database is good or not, check for the following traits of databases that have been designed poorly-

  1. The related data in the system is scattered across multiple tables. The change should be updated in several places, and the data may be only 50% present. This means the information is present in one table, but it is missing in another.
  2. The data in the system is ambiguous or inconsistent.
  3. The database is very complex, and you need to access it with many tricks.
  4. The designer has incorporated several intricate designs where it could have been done.
  5. There is hidden information in the database, for instance, the sequence of rows that it presents in a table.
  6. The speed of the database is very slow, and it is inflexible. It is also challenging for you to extend and entirely impractical for tackle real-life situations.

Consult good database administrators to get an Oracle database health check done

In case you face one or more of the above problems, it is high time that you consult professional experts to get an Oracle database health check done. Here, specialists in Oracle will carefully scrutinize your database and address the problems that have been listed below-

  1. Are the operating system and the database appropriately tuned?
  2. Do the different applications have sufficient hardware resources?
  3. Have the database schemas been denormalized or normalized where they should have been?
  4. Have proper indexes been made for the Oracle database?
  5. Do you run critical administrative functions regularly?
  6. Does your staff have sufficient resources when it comes to maintaining an efficient database system?

The above are just some of the Oracle health checks that will be conducted by specialist experts in the field. In this way, you will be able to identify the significant flaws in your system and take action to correct them.

Experts from esteemed company RemoteDBA says that when it comes to Oracle database health checks for your system, specialists in the field resort to using Oracle monitoring tools to determine its performance. They review the database and assess its actual status when compared to its intended purpose for performance. These health checks are not standardized for every company. They are tailor-made for every organization as experts in the field believe that no two businesses are the same.

Experts will examine the database in detail and submit a report with their findings. They will list their recommendations when it comes to improving the performance of the database so that it syncs in with the objectives of your business with success.

Oracle Database managed services for small businesses

Often small businesses do not have a dedicated IT team to help them with the performance of their Oracle database. This is why they struggle to a large extent when it comes to managing their systems and the issues that are associated with daily operations. They need the services of specialists to help them monitor their Oracle databases, and this is where the benefits of database managed IT services step in. With the help of these customized services for a small business, you can get the following benefits-

  1. Proactive monitoring- When you rely on a database managed service, your system will be monitored 24/7 by qualified experts. This means you can eliminate the risks of database failures that hamper the performance of your business. All issues that are related to the Oracle database are managed in real-time, and your business can run smoothly without hassles at all.
  2. 24/7 services- As mentioned above, database managed services are available 24/7, and they do not have holidays. This means you will get the support and monitoring you need even after office hours. Today, these services are so popular that large corporations are resorting to them as well. This means your company can get the Oracle database maintenance and monitoring at all times. You will get technical support, and all problems will be resolved with professional intervention whenever sought.
  3. Affordability- The biggest advantage of professional IT managed services is affordability. Today, customers or the end-user of your database expects it to perform without hassles 24/7, and so this culture has increased the operational costs for your business as well. When you deploy a database managed IT service, you can save costs for your company as you no longer have to invest in an in-house team to manage your Oracle database. You get qualified DBAs with these services, and they are trained and equipped with knowledge of the latest market skills and technologies when it comes to maintenance for your database. This means you can put your concerns to rest as your Oracle database is in good hands.

Therefore, when you are the owner of a business and have an Oracle database, you must check its design and ensure that it is performing well to meet and match the needs of your business. It is prudent to rely on a team of qualified IT professionals with the latest skills to conduct regular Oracle database health checks.

In case you are a small business and do not have a dedicated IT team on your premises, you can always rely on a professional database managed services to do the task for you. There are several recourses for you to choose from. The team is professional, and they offer you 24/7 support and solutions at affordable rates.