SCR888 is a Malaysian site that offers mobile users fun casino games directly from their phones. The site is easy to use, has a reputation for being fair, and is popular in its home country. The site displays in Malay by default, but your browser gives you the option to switch to English if you prefer.

With over 80 games, there’s something for everyone. Choose between Baccarat, horse racing, slots, and more. The site is easy to use, and the playing is easy. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the site before playing. Understanding the game rules can help improve your chances of winning.

How To Get Started

On the home page, click on the download button. The site will then take you through to the following page.

Choose the appropriate option for your phone. The app works on Android and iOS operating systems. The site mentions using the apps on your desktop, but this won’t work with a Windows-based PC.

You’ll then need to open an account and register your details, including your mobile number. From there, you can upload money to your account. Playing on the site requires game credits. Each credit costs MYR 1.00. At current exchange rates, you get around MYR 4.00 per the United States dollar and about 5.00 MYR per British Pound sterling.

Once you’ve uploaded funds, you’ll need to contact the recreation agent using the instant chat feature, so they can verify your deposit.

After your credits are confirmed, choose the games that you like and work from there. Your options include slot games such as Reward Bears, Irish Luck Slot Match, casino games like Baccarat, and sports betting.

Withdrawals work in much the same way. You contact the recreation agent, and they’ll transfer the money through an online withdrawal.

Getting a Feel for the Games

The site owners recommend starting with free games or minimal bets to get a feel for the games. Random bonuses like free spins will give you a good feel for the gameplay.

After you’ve played for a while, you’ll understand how each game works. This knowledge will enable you to zero in on your favorite games and find out how to win ten to twenty times the amount that you put in.

General Rules

The site acts as an agent for their partner sites and is not liable for accrued wins and losses in a partner game. While they’ll facilitate the transactions, they won’t be responsible if the partner site doesn’t pay out the funds.

Each player is eligible for only one bonus, so each player is allowed only one SCR888 account. If a player opens multiple accounts to get around this, the site will cancel the bonuses and wins for all of that player’s accounts. While the site owners don’t request proof of identity when players register, they reserve the right to do so if they suspect a player is breaking the rules.

The rollover is five times the deposit and bonus. You may play with bonus credits, but you may not withdraw the funds until the rollover amount is in your account.

The site doesn’t allow you to bet on both odds and evens in Roulette. You must choose one or the other. If you try to circumvent the rules, and the webmasters pick it up, you’ll lose your winnings and bonuses. So it’s essential to understand the rules of each game.

If a player’s deposit amount qualifies for two bonuses, they won’t be applied concurrently. The site will apply the highest bonus first. The second bonus will be applied if both would’ve qualified on their own.

We recommend reviewing the rules for each game. Violating the rules gives the casino license to close your account.

Rules for Players To Consider

While it’s easy to feed money into a slot machine, coming up with a strategy before you play will help you maximize your wins.

A simple strategy for slots is to choose a game and play for an hour. If you don’t win during that hour, write the money off and try something else. In Roulette, you won’t earn you as much if you choose black, red, odds, or evens over a specific number. But it’ll make it a lot easier to win.

Aside from basic strategy, it’s a good idea to do your homework. Look for the following statistics before playing a particular game.

Lose/Win Ratio

This ratio shows you how many people win at the game and how many lose. A game with a higher win ratio means that the machine pays out faster. You might find that the wins are smaller, but there’ll be more of them. Choosing a machine with a high win ratio maximizes your chances of winning something.

The Pay Table

The Pay Table details what you can win with different combinations at the slots. For example, if you get a row of sevens, you’ll win. Check how wins are calculated. Does the machine pay for only horizontal lines, or do diagonal lines count as well?

Your chances of winning are better on machines that count both horizontal and diagonal lines. It makes sense to bet on games where you stand the most chances of winning.

Random Jackpots

You’re more likely to hit a random jackpot than a progressive jackpot. Why? You might hit the random jackpot at any time. A progressive jackpot pays out after a certain number of spins. While the progressive jackpots look good, the terms under which they payout is entirely up to the casino. If they feel that the game hasn’t made enough money, they can change the terms.

Maximum Bet

Check the maximum bet for each game to see how much you can wager. When you understand the game better, hitting the maximum bet option gives you access to bigger wins over a shorter period. If you believe you’ve worked out when the progressive payout will hit, you can maximize your winnings by hitting the maximum bet.